Wisconsin Swimming


All Waunakee Wave families are required to fulfill volunteer hours, and most opportunities and needs occur at hosted swim meets.

All volunteers at Waunakee Wave events will have an experienced parent member in the area who will be an area "supervisor" in case of questions. If you're a new family to swimming, please let us know so we can help you get started. You can always ask a "seasoned parent" or ask at the volunteer sign-in desk for help as well.  All volunteers at Waunakee Wave events are asked to wear a WAVE t-shirt if possible. Make sure to sign in with the volunteer coordinator at the admissions desk and get a name tag to receive credit for your volunteer commitment.

Example volunteer positions and responsibilities:


8 & Under Staging:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of session
  • Meet at starting block deck bleachers
  • Assist younger swimmers get to their event and lane on time
  • Check event title 
  • Stage (line up) the swimmers according to event and heat
  • Ensure swimmers are in the correct pool lane for their event and heat
  • Escort swimmers to their lane as required



  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to warm-ups
  • Meet at pool lobby desk
  • Collect admission fees from adults, distribute wristband
  • Sell heat sheets and programs
  • Check in volunteers and give name tags as required
  • Return cash box to concession stand or treasurer



  • Arrive at start of warm-ups 
  • Meet under scoreboard. Bring a watch and highlighter or pen
  • Read the announcer "standard text" provided on table
  • Coordinate with Meet Director, officials, volunteers, chief timer, and others to ensure appropriate meet announcements are made
  • Ensure microphone is working.
  • Familiarize yourself with team names, event sequences, listed breaks
  • Coordinate meet start with Starter official and Meet Director
  • Make event, break, and concessions announcements
  • Return mic to pool office at end of day



  • Arrive shortly after start of meet  
  • Meet at pool office
  • Put labels on ribbons (runner will bring labels from computer table)
  • Sort ribbons by team
  • At starting end of pool, give heat winners awards at each heat.
  • Post event results near concessions area (runner will bring result sheets)


Back Up Chief Timer:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of session 
  • The Chief Timer helps to organize timing volunteers and runners at starting end of pool, distribute stopwatches, time sheets, clipboards
  • Attend timers’ meeting when called for at start of meet
  • Use stopwatch to record all event start/end times
  • Relieve lane timers as needed
  • As back-up, assist lane timers if a stopwatch malfunctions
  • Ensure all stopwatches are accounted for at end of session


Clerk of Course:

  • Arrive at start of warm-ups
  • Meet at computer tables near scoreboard
  • Get initials and signatures for positive sign-in events
  • Record swimmer scratches, additions and changes to individual and relay events
  • Give recorded information to Meet Computer Operator


Computer Operator:

  • Arrive at least 60 minutes prior to warm-ups
  • Assist Meet Director with computer system (computer and Colorado).
  • Coordinate with other computer operators, announcer, runners, and officials
  • Coordinate touch pad testing
  • Run the computer or Colorado timing system during the meet
  • Tear down computer system at end of day
  • Help fix system issues during the meet as needed


Computer Operator Trainee:

  • With the Meet Director and Meet Computer Operators, learn how to use the Colorado Timing equipment and the Meet Computer


Concessions/Hospitality Room:

  • Arrive at start of warm-ups
  • Meet with Concessions Coordinator in food area
  • Prepare and sell food to customers
  • Monitor hospitality room for food and cleanliness
  • Clean up in area as needed


Concessions Set Up:

  • Arrive 60 minutes prior to warm-ups
  • Meet with Concessions Coordinator
  • Assist with carrying in food and equipment for concession stand
  • Organize and prepare concession stand for operation during meet
  • Decorate and prepare hospitality room for coaches’ and officials’ use


Facilities Crew:

  • Arrive 60 minutes prior to warm ups
  • Meet with other facilities volunteers at starting end of pool
  • Set up Meet Computer Operator tables and chairs
  • Set up Announcer and Awards table and chair
  • Locate stopwatches and test all watches
  • Place and plug in touch pads and plungers immediately prior to start of meet. Move timers' benches forward
  • Place and plug in shallow end wiring and plungers for 25-yard events
  • Assist Meet Director in verifying operation of touch pads
  • Remain on stand-by during meet in case of malfunctioning pads
  • At end of day, take down and put away all equipment



  • Arrive at start of warm-ups
  • Report to the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Floaters will fill in or substitute for other meet volunteers. Floaters may be assigned several short-term jobs during a meet
  • Advise the coordinator if you have any job limitations (lifting, etc.)


Officials’ Assistant:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of session
  • Meet at computer tables and report to officials at shallow end of pool.
  • Ensure the officials have DQ slips (slips located in bundles near computer tables)
  • The Officials' Assistant watches the stroke and turn judges for raised hand indicating a disqualification or gets DQ slip. Disqualifications must be recorded by the Starter offical, the Meet Director and then provided to the team coach.
  • When an offical has a DQ slip, go get the slip
  • Show slip to the Starter official for recording
  • Turn DQ slip into Meet Director. Meet Director keeps white copy
  • Take yellow copy to the team coach



  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of session
  • The Runner ensures that the final recorded times from event lanes get to the computer operators quickly. Runner also delivers award labels and other meet paperwork as required.
  • Meet with Chief Timer and Meet Director
  • Attend timers' meeting before start
  • Ensure lane timers have recording slips in event order, pencils, and clipboards
  • Collect timing slips from lane timer volunteers after each event or heat and give to Meet Computer Operator
  • Take event results to awards volunteers for posting near concessions, or post them yourself if needed
  • Get printed labels from Meet Director computer table and deliver to awards volunteers
  • Act as Officials' Assistant if no volunteer is assigned


Lane Timer:

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to start of session 
  • The lane timer uses a stopwatch and/or lane plunger to record official athlete times. Accuracy and attention are very important. You will get splashed so wear appropriate clothing.
  • Move for 25-yard events to be timed from the shallow end of the pool. Record the time from both lane timers.
  • Runner will pick up the time slip from you. Raise hand for Chief Timer help if timing problems occur. Your non-swimming children are not allowed on deck with you.
  • Attend timers’ meeting prior to start of meet.
  • Use stopwatch to record swimmers’ times.
  • Record swimmers’ times on timing slips and give to Runner.
  • Return watches to Chief Timer at end of session.


USA Swimming 2018 Rules and Guide