Wisconsin Swimming


Who Are We?

We are a nonprofit, year-round youth aquatic club led by our coaching staff and parent volunteers who manage non-coaching activities and many of the day-to-day operations involved with running a swim team.

We are fortunate to be a midsized team with a high-caliber coaching staff and excellent coach-to-swimmer ratio that trains in primarily one location. We have an amazing group of dedicated athletes and their families!

We know you are pulled in many different directions to raise money for activities and causes; our fundraising efforts are to help subsidize operating costs and team events, and we rely on all families to be involved with our strategic fundraising initiatives. Even small contributions help our club grow and thrive. Everything counts!


Why Do We Need to Fundraise? 

  • Fundraising is an essential part of the WAVE annual budget.
  • Fundraising accounts for approximately 10% of our overall revenue.
  • Fundraising allows the club to cover essential expenses that allow us to keep member dues where they are, and affords the club additional opportunities.
  • Those items include, but are not limited to:
    • Travel budget for coaches (hotels, mileage, food, airfare, car rentals, etc.)
    • Training equipment (tempo trainers, exercise bands, medicine balls, stopwatches, etc.)
    • Pool rental as needed (Lodi, Middleton/Cross Plains)
    • Club Insurance (liability insurance above and beyond what is offered by USA Swimming)
    • Subsidizing supplemental training and activities – off-site dryland, team-sponsored outings 

We appreciate that you've chosen the Wave as your athlete's swim team! We strive to create positive, life-long skills and help our swimmers achieve their goals and provide enriching activities while on their journey with us.

Thank you for your support and GO WAVE!