Wisconsin Swimming



From the Coaches:

Our vision as coaches is simple and united across all levels. We do not believe in measuring success in the short term, but rather by teaching an appreciation of the process. We value commitment and accountability in the path to individual success. We believe success for our athletes should be measured by personal gains and in increments that create a lifelong bond and love for the sport. We strive to have every swimmer achieve personal success and understand that this will vary from athlete to athlete.  We discuss often and fondly the future opportunities that this sport holds for our athletes, while making no secret of, or exception to, the demands required of this sport. We emphasize a healthy balance of athletics, education and family, as shown by our meet schedule. We teach the importance of choice, sacrifice and accountability. We value communication from our athletes to their coaches and we emphasize the role of the athlete in each athlete's success.  

Our coaching system is founded on the notion of prioritizing a foundational understanding of all strokes beginning at the basic levels. We do not stress speed, winning, or speed-based excellence above others at this level. Instead, we choose to stress the process of learning and positively acknowledge and encourage those athletes who embrace this. We believe in presenting an understanding of this process to the athletes in the beginning levels so that maintaining perspective over their long-term gains is understood by each athlete. 

We emphasize the role of the athlete in this program over the role of the parent. We acknowledge the sacrifices demanded of families and parents alike in this sport, but require that the athletes speak, interact and experience success under the guidelines and expectations that we have set forth as a coaching staff, not as it pertains to those of the parent. We ask for trust and an understanding from all parents to allow their athletes and coaches to take the proactive role in each athlete's success. 

As a coaching staff, we acknowledge that this coaching philosophy is not for everyone, nor is this team. We have a combined 30 years in the sport and all levels ranging from instructional development to the National and Olympic levels. We do not see the size of the team to growing to more than can be managed by 3-4 coaches. All coaches on this program are full-time with an investment in athletes across all levels. Coaches are involved to different degrees from Clinic-Senior, while maintaining their focus within their respective primary groups. Each coach is a primary coach for his/her delegated levels and is in charge of all final decisions regarding athletes and training within those levels. 


Greg Lake, Head Coach

Sandy Kuecker, Head Age Group Coach

​Jessi Soholt, Assistant Coach

Erin Cunningham, Assistant Coach