Wisconsin Swimming



If you previously swam for another team other than WI-WAUN (Waunakee Wave), your USA Swimming membership must be transferred to WI-WAUN. If you're not sure if you have transferred, please contact the [email protected]


UNATTACHED STATUS:  USA Swimming requires swimmers to wait 120 days since their last meet attached to club to swim for another club. Link to 120-day rule for USA and Wisconsin Swimming. Your swimmer can practice and swim at meets as "unattached" while the 120-day period elapses. Your swimmer's name will be shown as UN-WI but will be at meets and practices as part of the Wave team.


FOR PARENTS:  If not previously done, you must contact the Head Coach to be evaluated for correct Level placement. Please do this immediately. You cannot register without this evaluation.


TRAINING / MEETS:  Your swimmer is fully coached by Wave coaches while unattached during workouts and meets.  All standard team protocol for workout attendance, behavior, meet entries, participation and general team conduct applies.



  1. Get EVALUATED for placement.
  2. REGISTER online for that level.
  3. WAITLISTED? Your transfer request may be on hold until you are cleared from the waitlist. The vice president and Coach will contact you about your status.
  4. FORM. Once you've been approved by the team, complete the transfer fillable form -  Team Transfer Form


Please contact the vice president for questions on swimmer transfer and registration.