Adult Novice Swim Program


Schroeder's Adult Novice Swim Program is designed specifically for adult swimmers who are interested in beginning a fitness program that includes swim training.  Many aspiring triathletes are unsure of their swim skills and endurance which results in a barrier to participation in a triathlon.  Swimming with an adult group can be a great way to gain fitness but many adults are reluctant to join a "masters" team that offers training multiple days per week and training sessions that are daunting in their perceived length, speed, and skill.

Dates:  Due to Covid we are currently not running this class. Please email Wendy [email protected] for help on what to do.

Time:  TBA

Cost:   TBA

Is it for you?: This class is ideal for adult swimmers who are interested in sharpening their skills and improving endurance to get ready for a triathlon.  Also, this is a great way to get exercise and quality instruction so that you can be ready to join an adult multi-day swimming program. Expect lots of stroke analysis, coaching help, and some conditioning work.

Location: The Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center, adjacent to the Rite Hite YMCA, in the Schroeder Pool.

Registration: Completed online for both the Adult Novice and Intermediate class: TBA

Contact: Coach Wendy Blunt for questions and more information at [email protected]