South Shore Masters @ Saint Augustine Prep High School 

The Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center and the Cudahy Recreation Department are providing a masters team for adults on the South Side of Milwaukee.  Monday - Thursday and Saturday, swimmers of every level come to Aug Prep to gain knowledge and endurance in the pool.  Whether you want to stay in shape, gain endurance for a triathlon, or speed for competition, the South Shore Schroeder Masters is the place for you.  With a coach at every practice, there is room for everyone to come and swim!!!

Option 1) 3 practices a week for $39/month. 

Option 2) 5 practices a week for $59/month.

Monday - Thursday @ St Augustine Prep School 5:45-7am

Saturdays - @ 7 AM - 830 AM

 St Augustine Prep - 2607 S 5th St. Milwaukee, Wi 53207

Coach: Eric C Johnson
Schroeder YMCA Swim Team