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unlocked Meet Back Up for coaches

Results File for coaches



Thanks for coming!  Good luck for the remainder of the Fall!



Officials - we need help!  Please mail if you are coming!

Printable Heat Sheet - none for sale at the meet


Meet will be on Meet Mobile App too.

Meet information event order linked 

Event File for coaches



Notes:  Spectators can print heat sheets ahead of time and results/start times will be on the meet mobile application.  If (your) parents do not know what that is it is a free app that they can install and get information for free (including results, lane assignments and approximate time of each event).  They just need to do a search in the app to find our meet.

The 1650 will be combined into 1 heat.  Other than that it is pretty straight forward.  Please note that we have 1 heats of miles right at the beginning of the meet so please plan accordingly with your little kids for warm ups.