2019 Distance / Sprint


2019 Results:

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  • There is no parking allowed directly behind Pick n Save.  You may be towed if you park there.  Please park in lots at WSAC or behind mall with Office Depot.

Please note that the 400 and 800 Free will be run fastest to slowest and alternating girl/boy.  The rest of the events on Saturday will run fast to slow but NOT alternate.

Positive check in times for 5/19 are:

400 Free (Ev 1&2) - 7:45AM

Events 3-16 - 10:00AM

800 Free (Ev 17&18) - 12:00PM

The small YMCA pool will be available for warm up warm down through out the meet each day.  It is not available during warm ups from 7:30-8:30AM.  At least 2 lanes will be available.





Thanks for coming to the meet this year.