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Coaches and Entry Chairs,
Once again, thank you for choosing to attend the Shorewood Long Course Open this weekend at the WSAC. It is a very full meet, with some great competition, and we are looking forward to some excellent long course racing.
There are a couple of announcements before the meet starts:
1. The entire meet is positive check in. Coaches will receive a check in sheet for each session, and we would like them returned by 10 minutes after the start of the warm up for each session, especially the afternoon, where we only have a 50 minute warm up.
2. Due to the size of the meet, we will have assigned warm ups (see attached). The AM session will have two 25 minute warm ups, and the last 10 minutes are open. The PM warm ups will start immediately following the AM session, and will have two 25 minute warm ups, with starts conducted within each 25 minute warm up.
3. All swimmers will be able to swim Friday night-there are no limits on events.
4. A tentative session report is attached and available on our web site. This session report is pre-scratch, and will probably run faster with scratches. We took that into account for the start of the PM sessions (the meet tends to run 10-20 minutes faster than the session report). We will also add a 10 minute in water break between events 20 and 21 on Saturday, and 64 and 65 on Sunday to allow the Senior athletes some warm up/ cool down space. Please have the athletes out of the water promptly by the end of the 10 minute warm up. We will post a revised and more accurate session report on our web site following scratches, so please direct your PM families there for an update.
5.  We do have a change in awards as follows:
Awards: All swimmers will swim as one class by age group and gender, but will be separated by A-BB and B-C classes for award purposes in each age group. 
Ribbons will be awarded for 1st – 16th places. Ribbons  will be awarded for 1st – 6th in relay events. Swimmers will be eligible for awards in the class in which they are seeded. An overachiever ribbon will be awarded for a swimmer who is seeded in  B-C but swims an A-BB time but did not place 1st - 16th in A-BB. A swimmer without a seed time is not eligible for an overachiever award. "
6. Please check over the attached entry list by team (especially those of you who made changes after the deadline), and let me know if there are any corrections as soon as possible. We will have an accounting of any fees owed or refunds available at the start of the meet.
Once again, thanks for attending the meet, and we look forward to seeing you this weekend.


Assigned warm ups