New Speedo Tech Suits - ACT NOW for Nat YMCA

Dave Anderson
Mar 6, 2019

I have to send my allotment of the new suits back to Jeff on Tuesday.  They are a hot commodity so he doesn’t want them sitting around if folks want to buy them.

We really need to get your swimmers sized and get their suits saved.

I have talked to a few folks already but I am sure not all.

To make it easier- whatever size a swimmer is in the Lzr 2- they are in the valor.  Whatever they are in the X they are in the Intent.  They can email me directly and I will hold suits based on that.

Closed back won’t be available until June.

Suits will be available to try on in the shop today, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday until 5.  I have to take them to EBSC on Thursday so they won’t be there then.  I have limited sizes to try on, but if they get their orders in, I should be able to get what they need. But they have to let me know in the next 5 days or so.

Thanks so much!