Swim 4 Freedom

Dave Anderson
May 27, 2019

Happy Memorial Day.  I hope that everyone is enjoying time with friends and family this weekend.  I also hope that you take some time today to remember and honor those that serve, or have served, in our military, and especially those that have sacrificed their life defending this great country and the freedom we all enjoy. 

I thought it would be fitting to send a “save the date” for Swim 4 Freedom 2019 on a day when we recognize the best and the bravest in our military.  This year’s swim will be held on Sunday Aug 4th, 2019.  All the proceeds from the swim will once again go to support the Special Operations Warrior Foundation SOWF .  Check out our website for more details on our event this year www.swim4freedom.org/

Although not always the major headlines these days, the War on Terror continues, and sadly many brave Special Operators continue to sacrifice everything.  Here are some of the numbers:



Over 1,100 special operations service members have lost their lives since 1980.



We are committed to funding the college education for over 700 children of fallen special operations personnel who are either in school now or not yet of college age. 



Over 300 children in our program have graduated college.



We provided immediate financial assistance to special operations service members severely wounded since 2006.

Swim 4 Freedom 2019 will mark our 11th year of swimming across Lake Geneva to raise money for the SOWF.  Please join me, once again, to give back to those that have given everything to protect our freedom.  Please help me kick off our annual fundraising campaign for the SOWF by donating today:

S4F Online Donation

Our Freedom is not free:

In Memoriam

With gratitude,

Steele Whowell