Geoff Mykleby Notes

Dave Anderson
Jun 5, 2019

Dear Schroeder Senior Swimmers,

Thank you for allowing me to talk to you about swimming and THINGS relating

to being a GOOD CITIZEN!!

Over the next week, Coach Anderson will send out several e- mails pertaining to our

talk last Monday on the Schroeder pool deck. Each one will contain some of the high points

of my talk.

The foundation of the talk was called the THREE “ F” ‘s of SWIMMING.

#1.  F un…..

        You are a member of a very elite group of athletes who participate in a great sport , with

        great people that allows you the fantastic experiences of competition, travel and hard work.

        It is also one of the ONLY sports where boys and girls get to compete and train together.

       No one sport has a the ability to highlight the others  unique qualities and make us appreciate the other gender like swimming.

       Since half of the worlds’ population is the other gender we need to have that appreciation and I know swimmers do that better than anyone!!

       I made reference to the  team spirit I witnessed during last weeks’ meet and complimented you on paying attention to your fellow Schroeder swimmers on the blocks….and I LOVED those group  cheers. Do more of those and make up some unique ones that will give Schroeder swimmers a big boost when they hear it! Also remember to be a good sport and enjoy competing against others and enjoy competing and enjoy the challenge of competition, whether you get first or last …it is how you handle yourself after the race that defines you! Be friendly and engaging UNTIL you step behind that block…then it is ALL BUSINESS!! Competitors who I swam against FIFTY YEARS AGO ( and we were FIERCE COMPETITORS) are still my friends today!!

I also talked about the relevance of appreciating what happened at D-Day 75 years ago THIS WEEK!!. Take some time to watch some news stories on

it and learn to appreciate the importance of those soldiers who sacrificed their lives . As I said on deck, this was one of the most heroic actions ever taken by soldiers in modern war. If they had not been successful in that landing on the shores of northern France, our world would be a much different places!

Cell phone use is getting out of control and it is up to you to learn how to control it.  Google.. Simon Sinek—cell phone  you will be able to see how a world-renowned author and motivational speaker sees this cultural phenomenon in terms of addiction, human relationships and business.

Homework assignment…look at YouTube videos of these swimmers doing underwaters…Natalie Coughlin, Misty Hyman, Tom Shields and Ryan Lochte

Quiz…..if I were to give you three letters that describe pushing off the wall, what would GBL stand for ?


FUN FACT….did you know that the coach who was a major mentor to Dave Anderson in his early days of coaching  ( Cal Bentz..Univ of Nebraska) was the same person who taught me how to be a competitive swimmer at age 10 in Omaha , Nebraska circa 1963!!! I still use swimming tips that he drilled into me from over 50 years ago!!!

Looking forward to my next e-mail where we will talk about the other two “F” ‘s……Physics ( FYZIKS!!!) and the F..riggle…( Flexible , relaxed wiggle)

Geoff Mykleby  ( Dr “Mykes”)