Mykleby notes part 2

Dave Anderson
Jun 7, 2019

I hope everyone had fun looking at the videos of underwaters  and

Simon Sinek. If you noticed on the Sinek videos, he has several on cell phone usage

so try to look at all of them.

Let’s focus on the second “F” today , which is FYZIKS ( physics) .

Water is over 800 times DENSER than air so we deal with resistance more than any land sport.

Any mistake we make in streamlining…head and shoulder NOT aligned with the body, legs too far apart or

underwater kick is too big and outside the “ cone of the body”  will create drag or resistance AND WE SLOW


Remember these sayings..

For every action, there is an equal and opposite REACTION!

a.     push water down , you go UP not FORWARD      NOT GOOD

b.     push water to the side , you go to the other side   NOT GOOD

c.     push water directly back, you go DIRECTLY FORWARD……..VERY GOOD

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line ..if you do both a or b ( above)

        you will go more yardage than you should and your time is SLOWER!!

How do you do “c” ?  Well, first rule of thumb is ..ELBOW up and use your other side muscles( latissimus and obliques)

        and use your entire body to PUSH WATER DIRECTLY BACK!! ( hint..REALLY  look at Coach Dave’s video of Australian great

        Grant Hackett and you will see that action for yourself!!)

FyZIKS is also applied to the starting block…so because you get to have gravity help you when you are on the starting block

  you want to maximize your start and get EVERYTHING you can out of that unique moment in the race. You get to accelerate from the

   height of 3 ft and take advantage of gravity…32ft per sec/sec . Take time to perfect your front and backstroke starts…watch

   videos of both Natalie Coughlin, Caleb Dressel and Ryan Murphy ( backstroke) to see my point. I told you that Caleb Dressel usually

   doesn’t have the fastest reaction time but is always ½ body length ahead of everyone at the start.

Sun screen tip…..because I have skin cancer ( Malignant Melanoma) I want all of you to remember to USE SUN SCREEN and apply it

 30 minutes before you go out. Always wear a hat ( covering your ears if you can) and apply it to areas that have very thin skin..

tops of the ears, neck and sternum area as well as the tops of the hands and feet. Many of the actors you see on TV and in movies

might look tan but they are actually brown because of an artificial tan, sprayed on to give the impression that they were out in the sun.

All actors and models ( male and female ) know the damage the sun can do and are VERY careful  of sun exposure. Sun glasses are always a

part of their sun protection plan.

Fun fact….did you know that a WORLD RECORD was set at the Schroeder Pool in the early 1980’s? Who did it and how long did the record last?

                     Hint…it was one of the longest WR swims in terms of the number of years it stood before it was broken!!  The starting block this person used

                     is now in the International Swimming Hall of Fame in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Talk soon ! Next message will talk about the third “F” …FR..iggle!!  ( also called the 5th STROKE)

Dr  Mykes