Team Suit and Caps for Training in September

Dave Anderson

In September when we restart our swim team programs, all swimmers will wear the Schroeder team suit and team cap while training  It is available now on the Elsmore Swim Shop Schroeder team page.  When competing, Schroeder athletes may wear the team suit or a Speedo tech suit - no restrictions on color.


We'll look more like a team which will be another step when it comes to our goal of moving our team toward being a legacy team from a great team.  We may switch to a different color every once and a while but it's going to be Navy or Black with the Schroeder "S".

Dave Anderson


more as of 7/30/21


I see college and school teams in all sports in the same suit or uniform.  I watch the Brewers, or Bucks or Packers and I don’t see them in disparate non-team gear.  In schools, business, religion, military and other parts of our world, standards of dress and uniforms are an important part of the culture to create unity and common purpose.


When someone looks at our team, it can be tough to know that we have a team training or racing in competition.  


I have been consistent over the years with athletes and coaches and our team dealer - athletes must be in a suit that is of the team’s sponsor.


Regardless of the small financial price at the outset for the first suit, over time it will be a cost savings for all.  


For these reasons, on September 13 everyone will be in a team suit and only racing in a Speedo product as long as the team is related to Speedo.


Thank you,