Being Great! Saturday Morning

Dave Anderson

This morning, Saturday, October 9, about 50 JR / SR athletes from RAC and WSAC came together at WSAC to train in the 50M pool.


I was knocked out by the whole session.  The coaches had talked about the idea at the end of the summer.  We settled on two Saturdays this fall to do it and divided the workout with Chandler leading one group and Caleb leading the other one. Zach and Greg helped and I just drank my coffee and tried to stay out of the way.


Talk about Being Great! This session exemplified the idea to a T.  Practice began smoothly with both groups doing their respective warm up.  Everyone was in on time and looking sharp in the team suit and cap.


Now step back for a minute and consider the idea that we haven’t done a big combined workout in a very long time with the pandemic and everything just flowed so smoothly.  


Athletes Acted with Integrity leaving flawlessly all day 10 seconds apart and when asked to help clean up the pool and change it back to Short Course the group made short work of the change.


For sure, Schroeder can Expect to be Successful this year.  Training was specific for each athlete type and was valuable and high quality.


Probably the best part was the donuts and clementines provided by Greg!


Looking forward to the next session in November and maybe the group can head just a little west down Brown Deer road and hit the Family Table for a post workout meal.


With much appreciation, We Are Schroeder!