USA Swimming Registration Steps / Link

Dave Anderson

Dear Schroeder YMCA Swim/Dive Team Member,

You're receiving this email from Schroeder YMCA Swim/Dive Team team to invite you to register for an annual USA Swimming Membership.

In addition to being a member of Schroeder YMCA Swim/Dive Team, your swimmer(s) must also register with USA Swimming to race in meets.

Please use the link below to register online on or before October 1



1. Step 1: Create a new member log.  

  • All members, new and existing members will have to complete this step for 2023 registration.  
  • If you are completing this process for an athlete under the age of 16, please use the parent information to create the log in account.  If you are creating the new account for a non athlete membership or for a member 16+ please have the member create the account and follow the steps below.
  • Please create the log in at 
  • Click Here for the Instruction Document

2.  Step 2:  After creating a log in, You will either create a new member id (for new to USA Swimming members) or link the former USA Swimming member id from SWIMS 2.0 to the new membership id in SWIMS 3.0 (existing members). 

  • If you are a new to USA Swimming member, during the create a new log in process, you will click on the create a new member id tab. 
  • If you are an existing USA Swimming member, you will click on the existing member tab and follow the prompts to access your new member id.  If you do not receive the link via email, please check your spam folder, if it is not there, please stop the process and email your name, club and birthdate to  [email protected]
  • Once you have the new member id please link it to your account.  If it does not automatically link, please click here for instructions on how to connect your member id.

3. Step 3: Once step two is completed, you will use the attached link to register for a 2023 Premium Membership: LINK


Please let us know if you have any other questions at [email protected]

Schroeder YMCA Swim/Dive Team Administrators & Coaches