The Schroeder Way

Caleb Hernday

As Schroeder coaches, we often ask ourselves: “what makes Schroeder different?”


We believe there are numerous reasons, however one of the main reasons we feel that we are different is our Schroeder Way.


For those who don’t know, the Schroeder Way is:

Be Great

Act with Integrity

Expect Success

Team First 

The Schroeder Way helps us guide our members into becoming better people and better athletes. 

Over these last two months, each group at both sites have gone over these aspects of the Schroeder Way through various activities and discussions. 

Here is a general overview of those discussions!

Be Great

“Be the best that you can be”

The first part of the Schroeder Way is about trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. This could be in the pool, the classroom or at home. 

We would challenge our athletes on “how can you be great today?” 

This could be making sure you read the board and know what we are working on for the day. It could be working on a skill that you know you need to work on to improve. It could also be making sure that you are giving your best effort in a really challenging set. It could even be something as easy as putting your equipment away after practice. 

One of the things we coaches have done before a challenging set (and meets) has been going to our athletes and saying “let’s be great today.” 

Everyone can work on being the best at becoming the best! 

Act with Integrity 

“Do the right thing regardless of if anyone is watching”

For our younger athletes, the main focus of Act with Integrity was to define what the word “Integrity” meant. 

After they worked together to find a definition, it was about coming up with scenarios where we could find examples of acting with integrity. 

Whether that be at practice, in the locker room, at a meet, or at school there were plenty of great examples of how to act with integrity. 

Expect Success

“Believe and know that you can!”

One of the first things that was discussed with Expect Success is where does this belief in yourself come from?

When you are behind the blocks and about to race, or when you know it’s going to be a hard set, or you know this test at school is going to be hard, where does this belief come from?

The answer? Your Preparation! 

You Expect Success because of the work that you have put in! It could be in the pool or it could be studying for that big test! 

You can Expect Success because of all the hard work you and your teammates have put in together! 

Team First

“Anyone’s success is Everyone’s success”

From an outside perspective, swimming is an individual sport. 

For those who are a member of the swimming world, we know it’s quite the opposite. 

Whether it’s at practice or at a meet, we are always the strongest when we are together. 

We talked about the overall performance goals of Schroeder (gold medal club and YMCA National Champions) and how each person is a part of that process. 

When we hoisted the YMCA Festival Champions banner up in 2021, there were no individual names placed on it. Everyone is a part of that success.

We also got to discuss examples of when athletes (current and former) sacrificed their personal goals for the betterment of the team. This is one of the most challenging things to do, but it’s one of the most important things a team can have. 

Overall, these discussions and activities laid the foundation for a terrific season! 

As families, please feel free to talk with your athletes about these ideas and continue to foster them at home and at school! 

We would love to hear any feedback on how you’ve used them in that regard!

We are Schroeder!