Thank you all for coming.  It was a real pleasure to host and many thanks for everyone's cooperation with all of the measures that were in place - who could have even imagned this last summer? and again thanks to all.





2020 Distance / Sprint

After conducting a Dual with OSHY using the same order as the Sprint day, we are confident that we can run about 400 athletes on Sunday in about 4 hours.  On Saturday the session length will be longer and we think we can handle about 200 max.  The no warm up warm down thing is harder for some than others and the long course v training exclusively sc was also a thing.  A big consideration will be shade.  Ez Up type shade will be super important for visiting teams.  Athletes sharing blankets who are not family members puts them too close together.

YouTube Live BOARD    

YouTube Live Turn End POOL

Youtube Live Start End POOL

GUIDE for Athlete, Parent, Coach and Officials

All particpants / parents of minors must print both pages of the WAIVER , complete and return to their coach prior to participation.

Meet Info

Watch Video  how to enter the pool deck.

The Elsmore Swim Shop will be open during the meet.

Session Info / Time Line 

Officials Spreadsheet


Heat Sheets available as .pdf and meet mobile

SATURDAY AM 400 Fr, 200s, 400IM    Combined 12 & U Br and Fly, 40s will alternate F/Male & Fast ->Slow

SAT PM 800 Free  2 heats - will have a loosen period 15 min, and one combined heat of F & Male

SUNDAY Heat Sheet

  • There is no parking allowed directly behind Pick n Save.  You may be towed if you park there.  Please park in lots at WSAC or behind mall with Office Depot.

Please note that the 400 and 800 Free will be run fastest to slowest and alternating girl/boy.  The rest of the events on Saturday will run fast to slow but NOT alternate.

NO Positive check in for 7/25 for 2020 Summer Scratches will be accepted through Thursday for Saturday & Sunday