Wisconsin Swimming
Level 2

YMCA at Pabst Farms 

Swim Team

Step 1

  • Please make sure your swimmer meets the minimum requirements:
    • Is at least 4 years of age prior to their first practice
    • Has a strong freestyle with rotary breathing, a strong back stroke and capable of swimming a 25 of freestyle and backstroke without stopping  
    • If you would like an evaluation please reach out to Guy Gniotczynski 
    • If your child does not meet the requirements please consider one of the following options
      • Private Coaching with one of Swim Team Coaches.  More info can be found HERE 

Step 2

  • CLICK HERE  for swimmer interest form 
  • Email or call the Head Coach Guy Gniotczynski about your child if you have any additional questions.  262-729-9622  
  • Have your swimmer attend the suggested group practice
    • Introduce yourself to the group's coach (they should be expecting you)
    • Coaching staff can be found HERE
    • Touch base with the group coach after the practice to insure your swimmer is in the correct group
    • The squad coach will make one four recommendation
      • The swimmer needs to move up to the next group and attend a practice at that group level before registering
      • The swimmer should attend another practice at their current group level before registering
      • The swimmer is not quite ready for the current group and should attend a lower group practice before registering
      • The swimmer is not quite ready for the current group and should consider private lessons and test drive again after completion

Step 3

Register your swimmer

  • ​​​Register on the Team Unify Website
    • ​Click Piranha Registration box on main page
  • All swimmers must also be current YMCA Members.  We encourage the whole family to join the YMCA but only the swimmer on the team needs to be a member of the YMCA

For more infromation includeing practice schedule and team fees please see our Team Info tab on the main page.


  • Does my swimmer need to be a YMCA member?
    • Yes, all swim team members must be members in good standing at the YMCA at Pabst Farms.
  • What are the service hour requirements?
    • As a team we host meets as a fundraiser to keep team dues low.    
  • Are practices and meet mandatory?
    • No, while we do take attendance at practice it is not mandatory. We recommend that one or less practices are missed each week on average. Meets are also optional. We recommend attempt to attend all the meets they are eligible for but only attend one day of the meet.
  • How often does the team compete?  
    • We compete in 2-3 meets per month on the average.
  • How long is the season?
    • The short course season starts in September and goes into March/April.  Long course season starts in April and goes into July/August.
  • Can I pay over time?
    • There are three options for payment 
      • ​Monthly CC or ACH draft
      • Annual CC or ACH draft 
      • Seasonal CC or ACH draft 
  • ​​What are the forms of payment I can use
    • ​You may add a bank account for an ACH draft 
    • You may add a credit card 
      • ​additional fees apply
  • How much do meets cost?
    • Swim meets cost on average $25 per session.