Team Wisconsin Day 1 Recap!

Angela Monty


Good Morning Team Wisconsin,

We are thankful to be back in the pool competing at the state of the art facility for the 2021 Central Zone meet!  We hope that many of you are finding Elkhart to be a very quirky, eclectic and beautiful area.  Just a couple of fun facts; Elkhart is best known for two industries: recreational vehicles and musical instruments. It has been referenced as the "RV Capital of the World" and the "Band Instrument Capital of the World" for decades.   They have unique restaurant opportunities that include the Chubby Trout, the Five Star Dive Bar, Smokin’ Fattys BBQ and the Flippin’ Cow.  Many families are also finding beautiful parks and sights to visit as they step away from the pool.  

After our first day of swimming, Team Wisconsin is in the mix for the top 3 Teams!  For Friday, our top 18 Individual and top 9 Relay finishes include:

10&U Girls

50 Breast

Tessa Hansen 2nd

Brielle Engel 4th

Annika Slager 6th


100 Free

Emma Sina 6th

Joy Liu 10th

Serene Mejos 11th

Leah Chung 13th

Erica Perez 17th


50 Fly

Mallory Heil 2nd

Emma Sina 4th

Grace Kamin 6th

Joy Liu 8th


200 Free Relay

Team Wisconsin A 1st

Tessa Hansen

Leah Chung

Erica Perez

Joy Liu


Team Wisconsin B 5th

Serene Mejos

Mallory Heil

Georgia Grant

Baya Burke


10&U Boys

50 Breast

Logan Christian 5th

Drew Aleithe 8th


100 Free

Briggs Borchardt 4th

Quincy Laufenberg 9th

Drew Aleithe 10th

Henry Prahl 11th

Logan Christian 14th


50 Fly

Henry Prahl 5th

Logan Christian 9th

Briggs Borchardt 13th


200 Free Relay

Team Wisconsin A 1st

Briggs Borchardt

Drew Aleithe

Henry Prahl

Logan Christian


11-12 Girls

200 IM

Zoe Gruber 5th

Brynn Sundell 7th 

Harper Paradis 16th


100 Breast

Harper Paradis 11th


50 Back

Chiara Bauer 1st 

Molly Hoppe 2nd

Irene Lee 12th

Lila Borchardt 17th

Jane Johnson 18th


100 Free

Chaira Bauer 1st

Kiersten Diestschweiler 2nd

Emily Scargill 10th

Molly Hoppe 13th

Irene Lee 17th

Ally Gordon 18th


50 Fly

Chiara Bauer 1st 


200 Fly

Brynn Sundell 7th

Becca Elliott 111th

11-12 Boys 200 Fly

Sam Schultz 4th

Maddy Karun 5th


200 Free Relay

Team Wisconsin A 3rd

Kiersten Diestschweiler

Zabella Marley Mejos

Harper Paradis

Emily Scargill


Team Wisconsin B 7th

Molly Hoppe

Irene Lee

Sophie Miller Melendez

Ally Gordon


800 Free

Zoe Gruber 6th

Kiersten Dietschweiler 11th

Rowan Rossi Weida 12th

Jane Johnson 13th


11-12 Boys

200 IM

Josh Cui 6th


100 Breast

Josh Cui 1st

Sage Mischnick 9th


50 Back

Josh Cui 4th

Benjamin Wisotzke 9th

Max Garbacz 10th

Jude Hill 14th

Riley Burke 17th


100 Free

Kyle Jesmanowicz 14th

Reed Thiemeyer 15th


200 Free Relay

Team Wisconsin A 

Josh Cui

Gabee Cheng

Eric Hou

Reed Thiemeyer


800 Free

Maddy Karun 6th

Sam Schultz 8th

Kyle Jesmanowicz 9th


13&14 Girls 

400 IM

Ivana Neverman 13th

Ariana Zhao 15th


100 Breast

Ana Flanagan 1st

Scout McQueen 4th

Annika Curraan 13th

Cheyenne Borroughs 15th


200 Free

Ella Antoniewski 2nd

Mazie Paradis 11th


100 Fly

Carly Larson 2nd

Ariana Zhao 5th

Mazie Paradis 10th

Izzy Bloom 15th


200 Free Relay

Team Wiscosnin A 2nd

Jillian Holler

Ella Antoniewski

Carly Larson

Mazie Paradis


Team Wiscosnin B 3rd

Ariana Zhao

Amy Hu

Ana Flanagan

Anne Dickinson


13&14 Boys

400 IM

John Paul Brostowitz 8th

Brody lePine 17th


100 Breast

Tanner Hansen 4th

Carter Jewell 14th

Jack Paull 18th

Boys 200 Free

Sam Wolf 10th

Finnley Conklin 13th


100 Fly

Sam Wolf 12th


800 Free

Dawson Walters 9th

Noah Cheng 10th

Eli Wichman 13th


200 Free Relay

Team Wisconsin A 1st

Finnley Conklin

Sam Wolf

Etienne Dolezal

Shanee TeBeest


Team Wisconsin B 8th

Tanneer Hansen

Sebastian Aguilar

Carter Jewell

Jack Paull


Best of luck to everyone swimming on Day 2!  

Swim Strong,

Coach Angela