Congrats to our Graduating CCU Players

Congratulations to the following CCU players that are graduating from High School and moving on to College after the 2022 JO Championships. Many of these players and families have been part of the CCU family for many years and we will miss them. They have all contributed to the “vibe” or culture that defines our club. This group of players and parents have retained a positive, supportive attitude throughout the years and the pandemic. Hopefully all players know that they are welcome to enjoy the alumni game or just practice whenever they are back in the area. Thank you again and good luck. 


Eli Berkowitz Wisconsin
Wyatt Bugbee CS Long Beach 
Daniel Davis CalPoly Tech,San Luis Obispo
Easton Hamm Cal
Bardia Koopah Cal
Jacob Licter Wilson Claremont
Ben Larson UCLA
Tom Legget Air Force Academy
Chase McFarland Stanford
Liam Morehouse NYU
Maks Popov Chapman
Nate Rego Vanderbilt
Kyle Rosenblatt UCSB
Charlie Saunders USC
West Tempkin Princeton