2020 Fall Marlins Water Polo


Welcome to the Fall 2020 Marlins Water Polo program. This fall, the session is designed to learn/secure fundamentals and conditioning and well as develope game and compeition skills. With high school season moved to the spring, this is a perfect time to get those skills secured and get a chance to get a little water polo based conditioning.


As we can not guarantee eliminating all risks of contagion, we are trying to limit any possible spread based on protocols created by water polo governing bodies and state authorities. Specific details will be sent out which will include entering and exiting the facility to minimize contact between any groups.

Sept 13 - Oct 22nd
Traing Groups
There are three distinct training groups based on age.
18 and Under Boys and Girls (High School players 14-18)
Monday and Tuesdays 8:45-10:15pm
Cost: $275
14 and Under Boys and Girls (Non High School ages 11-14)
Sundays 8:15am-9:30am and Thursdays 8:00pm-9:15pm
Cost: $225
10 and Under Boys and Girls (Ages 8-10)
Sundays 8am-9am
Cost: $100

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/nbJ5MNpnLkuqyVs96 


Practice Location

Keating Natatorium at St. Xavier High School

616 W North Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45224


Player Insurance and Eligibility

All players will need Water Polo insurance from either American Water Polo or USAWP
For Players Signing up for 18 and Under, 14 and Under you will need to either American or USA Water Polo Insurance. 
American Water Polo is 365 days of coverage. USAWP is by Calender year so it would end at the end of 2020. If you are new to using insurance,  American for more time with your insurance as prices are pretty much the same. Either will be accepted for insurance for the program. Walnut Hills and Mavericks use American Water Polo during the high school season. 
Link to American Water Polo membership: https://americanwaterpolo.org/join-now/ 
For Players signing up for 10 and under, you can use the cheaper option with USA Water Polo in the splashball program 
Link to the Splash ball passholder https://webpoint.usawaterpolo.com/SplashballPassHolder