Apr 8, 2017

2017 YMCA NATIONAL MEET! So much fun!!! So many really nice swims!!! So many points earned that the Eau Claire YMCA placed 12th overall in the Men?s Division of meet!! So proud of ALL of our YMCA National competitors who swam best times to qualify for their events and compete at a National Event! Highlights from the meet include: Friday swims and finishes: The Men?s Open 400 Relay placed 14th with a new time of 3:06.60! Splits were Ben Redman 45.62, Andrew Vierbicher 48.41, Sam Chumas 48.67, and Paul DeLakis...

Paula Caucutt Aug 11, 2015

Congrats to all Marlin swimmers who completed the 100 x 100 meters this morning!!! We have canceled practice on Wednesday, August 12, rest up and sleep in!! Yoga will be held on Friday this week, rather than Wednesday!!! See you all on Thursday!!!

Mar 13, 2014

  10 Nutrition Strategies for the Big Race Day 3/11/2014 By Jill Castle, MS, RDN At the end of the season when you’re laying everything on the line, don’t let a misstep in nutrition or poor planning sabotage your goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for the biggest meet of the season: 1. Eat breakfast. Start races on the right foot by eating something first thing in the morning. Muscles and metabolism will get the carbohydrate and energy boost they need. 2. Eat...

Jan 16, 2014

Apparel Orders: Most of the apparel orders are in.  We are delivering at the pools to the swimmers.  Please look for them from your swimmer.  If you have any questions, please contact Jaci DeLakis at or 715.579.3284.  Double check sizes and your order.  Thank you so much.  Jaci Swim Caps: ARE ALSO IN!  We will be distributing the caps to the swimmers at practice!  We had so many swimmers order personalized LATEX caps that we were able to add an extra cap, at no additional charge, so if you ordered 2 swim caps...

Nov 3, 2013

  CONGRATS to all YMCA Marlins who swam this meet!!!   COMPLETE RESULTS Good times and GREAT FUN were had by all!!! Swimmers, you continue to amaze me with your enthusiasm, strong friendships, cheering, great WORK ETHIC, and developing RACING SKILLS!!! WAY TO GO MARLINS!!! Coach Paula

Sep 19, 2013

FROM the USA SWIMMING WEBSITE: 9 Ways to be a Better Teammate   9/18/2013     By Mike Gustafson//Correspondent In swimming, just because you’re a good swimmer doesn’t mean you’re a good teammate. Being a good teammate is about much more than just cheering during races. Just like practice, being a good teammate takes hard work, practice, and a daily commitment. Swimming is an unusual sport in that it is technically “individual” – meaning no one can physically help you swim down the pool faster. But when a team comes...

Paula Caucutt Jun 21, 2013

Due to thunderstorms, Today's practice at the fair fax pool is cancelled. There will be practice at the YMCA for all Blue Marlins this afternoon at 3:45 to 5:15. Today's afternoon practice will be starts, turns, and sprints in preparation for the Fairfax Meet. Thanks! Coach Paula

Jun 12, 2013

Can Swimming Make You Smarter?   6/10/2013     By Mike Gustafson//Correspondent Swimming is the best sport in the world… according to swimmers. We believe in those old-fashioned principals swimming supposedly cultivates: hard work, perseverance, dedication, stamina, etc.. But new research suggests that swimming, and swim lessons, can enhance a child’s development: It can make you smarter. Or at least it can help kids accomplish certain developmental achievements sooner. Research surfacing from the Griffith Institute of Educational Research in Australia suggests that children involved in swimming lessons at an early...

Apr 9, 2013

2013 YMCA NATIONALS   WOW!!! What a FAST MEET THIS YEAR!!! Many, many records were broken in Greensboro, NC at the 2013 YMCA National Championship Meet this past week!!! Congrats to all YMCA Marlins swimmers who qualified for the event: Bailey Biwer, Alex DeLakis, Paul DeLakis, Trevor Manz, and Sarah Manz!!! One of the records that did NOT get broken was Eau Claire YMCA Marlin's Leah Pronchinske's 100 Breaststroke record set in 2010, with a time of 1:01.43, CONGRATS to Leah!!!   Congrats to Trevor Manz who made the trek...

Nov 14, 2012

  Nikki Martinez and Alex DeLakis both signed official contracts to swim at their chosen universities at Eau Claire Memorial High School this afternoon!!  Alex will attend and swim at UW-MADISON, and Nikki will attend and swim at University of Illinois-Chicago, where her brother Luke also swam! SO EXCITING!!! CONGRATS TO NIKKI AND ALEX!!! GO BADGERS!!! GO FLAMES!!!