18 & Under World 100s
Wisconsin Swimming
Level 4
Excellence 100


The Elmbrook Swim Club consists of ten (10) different training groups to accommodate the various abilities and commitment levels of our athletes. Movement between groups is based upon the following criteria with the final placement based upon the professional judgment of the coaching staff. Swimmers moving from the Age Group Program (12&U) into the Senior Program (13&O) will need to meet minimum requirements.



The Elmbrook Swim Club is separated into two basic programs: the 12 & Under program and the 13 & Over program. When swimmers age up from 12 to 13, the Elmbrook Swim Club places swimmers into one of the Senior (13&O) Training Groups.

There are 4 training groups on the Senior level (Senior 4, Senior 3, Senior 2, Senior 1). Each Senior Training group has qualifications based upon training capacity, technical mastery, performance speed, attendance requirements, maturity, etc. These individual skills are assessed by the coaching staff prior to an athlete moving up. The quantifiable requirements are listed on the Elmbrook Swim Club Training Group progression.

The procedure involves two steps. Initially the Coaching staff identifies swimmers who are set to age up, and discusses their potential placement in one of the four senior groups. Secondly, assessments are conducted by the senior coaching staff on a pre-set date.

12-year-old swimmers in the Age Group Training Groups (12&U) should be aware that they will need to meet the minimum requirements for advancement to one of the Senior Training Groups (13&O) when they turn 13. 12-year-old swimmers should strive to be able to minimally achieve the Senior 4 standards as well as successfully complete the senior 4 aerobic test-set.

Swimmers unable to meet the Senior 4 minimum requirements will not be offered registration in one of the Senior Training Groups, and instead will be referred to the EBSC summer High School Preparation program (SIS).