EBSC COVID Medical Advisory Team


EBSC has formed a medical advisory team to provide guidance and offer recommendations on COVID-19 protocols and practices should the need arise.  Team members are: Dr. Jennifer Bergin, Coach Brent Boock, Dr. Robb Brueggeman, Dr. Rose Brueggeman, Dr. Darryl Stich, and Dr. Dan Westfahl.



Please refer to the links below for information and procedures specific to COVID-19:

- EBSC COVID-19 Practice Check List - HERE (revised 09/02/20)

- Swim Safe Video - HERE

- Swim Safe Power Point - HERE

- Guidelines From USA Swimming - HERE

- COVID-19 Illness Action Plan - Coming Soon

- COVID-19 Facility Action Plan - HERE

- NI&II Suggested Practices - HERE

- TI&II Suggested Practices - HERE

- Two Per Lane Practice Schematic - HERE

- Three Per Lane Practice Schematic- HERE

- Four Per Lane Practice Schematic - HERE