Senior I&II Update



Thursday, January 14th 2021




The group has had a solid block of training this past week. I am encouraged by the support among teammates each practice session. Pushing and encouraging teammates to be the best they can be continues to be touchstone of the success of the group. The group has responded well to the January addition of morning practices and an increase in intensity. I appreciate the effort! Your teammates appreciate the effort!




Exams will be in full effect over the next week. We have the weekend off aside from a short Saturday morning practice. Plan accordingly and take advantage of the weekend to get some quality studying in. Budgeting your time to include academics and athletics is a key skill. It is possible to do both and excel in both areas. It does take effort and planning. Excellence in the classroom and the pool deck is a hallmark of the Elmbrook athlete.

February Competitions


SST – February 4th – 7th


All qualifiers have been entered. There are some minor changes to the format limiting swimmers to 2 events per day. Also bonus events MAY be offered. SST is going to review the entries and timeline and allow these bonus swims if they fit into the timeline. If you are entered in bonus swims please note these are tentative.


PX3 – February 12th – 14th


Swimmers not competing at the SST competition will be entered into the PX3 meet. Entries are viewable online. We will be swimming Saturday and Sunday (not Friday).

TBA – February 24th – 26th

There will be a Regional type competition on this weekend. Details are being finalized. This will be the last weekend of racing for swimmers who do not have Wi Swimming State Championship standards.

TBA – WI 13&O State Championships – March 4th – 7th

There will be a 13&O State Championship. Details are currently in discussion in the Wisconsin LSC. Be prepared this competition may look vastly different than what we are used to. The good news is that there will be a State Championships!

NCSA Junior National – March 22nd – 27th

All qualifiers will be able to attend the NCSA Junior National competition in Orlando. I have contacted all qualifiers and need a response on your attendance today.

If you have any questions on your events, please feel free to contact me.

I am always available to talk 15 minutes’ prior and following practice for any questions or concerns.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or 1-262-617-4579.