News and Notes 1/25/2020

John Thiel

News and Notes

Thank you to everyone who helped our community by attending the Feeding America Event on Monday. It was an awesome experience once again and we were able to impact the lives of the people who will receive the 7000 meals our efforts provided. Giving to others is an amazing opportunity and something we all can strive for in our lives. Keep reading to hear more about the upcoming opportunities provided for our athletes.



Practice Changes: No Age Group practice on Friday, January 31 (Junior and Senior will still have morning practice); We will have an All Team practice for athletes not swimming the 1000/1650 on Thursday, February 6 from 6-7:30p at APY Buchanan Pool; No practice for all groups on Friday, February 7; No practice for all groups on Saturday, February 8.

Upcoming Meets:

Oshkosh Winter Open OSS #13: Sign Up Window Open Until January 27.

GBY Sprint Meet Makeup: Sign Up Window Open Until February 5.

Swim Official Trainings: Swim Officials are an integral part of running and hosting swim meets. FCYST hosts some of the biggest and best meets in the area and we need to continue training new officials so we can host these amazing opportunities for our athletes and swimmers from around the state. Officials always get their volunteer hours in. Officials get the best seats in the house at meets. Officials make a difference in the lives of our athletes. We have a great opportunity for you to get trained as a USA and YMCA Swimming official. The team will reimburse you for the costs of the training after finishing your apprenticeships. You can check with Coach John for more information or follow this link to continue getting updated details about the February 15 training in Oshkosh. We hope you will consider going!

NKB Swim and Breakfast: Save the date on Sunday, February 23 for anyone not swimming at Regionals. This annual fundraiser is an amazing opportunity to support a cause and a message that have been making an impact on local swimmers and those from across the country. Details will be provided when they are available. If you would like to know more please reach out to Coach John to hear a little bit about Natalie’s Story.


Coach Notes

I had the opportunity to listen to Bill Breider (President/CEO of the YMCA of the Fox Cities) and several other Executive Directors within our association talk to our leadership team about the chances we have to make an impact in our Y and our community. There were a number of messages shared but one point stood out to me and made me think a little deeper.

How do we view the mountain that stands in front of us? We all have challenges and opportunities we face every day. Some are small but many of our goals and our biggest dreams can be quite large and daunting. How do we look at these large challenges? In many cases we only see the pinnacle; we see the end result and the glory and joy that comes with reaching the top and we want to rush to the end of our journey. In other cases we only see the mountain; we see the long and rocky path and fear it will be impossible to reach the end.

Both of these mindsets can leave us further from our endpoint than when we started. Only seeing the results and wanting to attain them instantly is not realistic. Many of the best joys come from working patiently towards a goal. But only seeing the road and the daunting path ahead can leave us frustrated and defeated. The walk along the path should be a joy of its own.  

The message that was shared by Bill through a video by Simon Sinek, was that it is in the small, daily, consistent actions that we achieve great goals. When we look at the individual steps as their own successes and repeat the steps over and over, we move faster and faster towards the results we seek. Finding joy in completing sometimes monotonous or even simple tasks and seeing the value in these easy successes gives us great confidence.

Completing a streamline the correct way once gives us confidence to do it again and again. We aren’t looking to meet the end goal of underwater kicking to 15m today. And we aren’t looking at the potentially years of work it takes to get comfortable doing these incredible kickouts off every wall. We are simply seeing the success of doing a small step the right way and gaining pride in ourselves for doing it the best we can right now.

I was thinking about Simon Sinek’s mountain analogy and how it connects to the quote on the back of this year’s team T-Shirt. “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves,” is only the beginning. It starts by taking pride in completing each and every step along our journey to the top of that mountain. It starts by maintaining the mindset that we don’t want to expect to get to the peak without the journey, while holding the knowledge that the journey is not too big for us to complete. It starts by being proud of where we are and how we are working to achieve a little bit every day. This is how we conquer ourselves and in turn enjoy the spectacular views from every point on our path from the bottom to the top of the mountain.