News and Notes 2/10/2020

John Thiel

News and Notes

As we approach the end of the season there are a few items to consider. Please double check and read through everything. You never know what you might be missing. Good luck to all the swimmers in our upcoming string of meets. Lots of racing for FCYST over the next several weeks!



Practice Changes: There is no practice on Saturday, February 22.

Steering Committee: Tonight, February 10 is this month’s Steering Committee Meeting at 6:30p in the Plexus Room at APY. Follow this link to see the agenda and this link to see last month’s minutes. We encourage all parents to come and see what these meetings are about.

Upcoming Meets: Last Chance to sign up for the GBY Luv 2 Swim Meet is tonight Feb. 10. Last chance to sign up for the Regionals Meet is Tomorrow Feb. 11. The regionals meet is open to all swimmers in our Age Group, Junior and Senior Groups who are registered USA Swimming athletes. These two meets are the last opportunities to qualify for the 12u/13+ USA State competitions. The FCYST Everyone Counts meet is the last opportunity to qualify for YMCA State. If you are not a registered athlete and would like to swim in the Regionals meet please contact our team registrar Alicia about registering your athlete. You can also use the meet signup and commit to attend, we will register all athletes signed up for the meet. USA Swimming Registrations cost $72 and are valid until Dec 31, 2020. Any USA Swimming Sanctioned Competitions require this registration to participate.

Splash for Cash Raffle: Congratulations to all of our prize winners and thank you to everyone who participated, especially our Ticket Sales winners! Our Team raised over $13,000 which goes toward purchasing new equipment such as a new timing console for our meets and new cords to run the timing system at our meets, and the overall operational cost for running the team. Without this fundraiser we would not be able to support our athletes, families and community the way we do. Thank you again!

Sales Winners: Duquaine Family, Wendell Family, Falbo Family, Rettler Family, Pfaffenbach Family. The Duquaine and Wendell Families were our top sellers overall and will receive Free Spring/Summer Team registration fees for 2020 and all families listed will receive their Embroidered Swim Bags.

Officials: One more call for any parents who would help as swim officials at meets. There is a training session this Saturday, Feb. 15 in Oshkosh. We would love to have you attend and help out our whole swimming community by becoming an official. We can’t hold meets without parent volunteers stepping up to learn this vital job. If you have questions please reach out to Coach John for more details.    

Natalie Swim: Sunday Feb 23, 8a at the Oshkosh 20th Ave YMCA. This event is an amazing fundraiser for an incredible cause. This year it the 10th anniversary of Natalie Bolin’s passing. It includes a swim, a breakfast and a blood drive but the most important thing this event provides is inspiration to live a positive and love filled life. Details will be provided. If you would like more information about Natalie or this event please contact Coach John.     

Concessions: We are currently looking for someone to take on the lead role with running our concession stand for the upcoming Everyone Counts swim meet as well as our major summer swim meets on June 20-21 and July 10-12. This individual would be responsible for setting the menus, determining what items are needed for donation and what items will need to be purchased. They will also be responsible for shopping for necessary items (Or getting someone to help), and leading the food prep the day before the meets. We have several individuals who have helped with this in the past who are great resources. If you think this is a job you might be able to help with please reach out to coach John ASAP. This job would cover all volunteer requirements for the Winter and Summer Seasons. Thanks! 

Synergy and Small Group Training: If you are dropping kids off at practices and looking for ways to keep yourself active as well, remember that there are a variety of small group training classes and opportunities such as Synergy which runs Wednesdays 5:15-5:45p at the Appleton Y.  

Pancake Day: The Appleton Y is hosting the Y Service Club Pancake Breakfast on Saturday Feb. 15 from 7:30a-1:00p. If you are not attending the officials training that day, we encourage you to come and support the philanthropic efforts of the Y Service Club. Proceeds from this event go to support many of the programs throughout the Y.