Swim Meet Accomplishments and Current State Qualifiers

John Thiel

We’ve had a number of meet highlights from the past few months leading up to our championship season. Below you will find the synopsis of the perfect meets and big time drops since December. Lots of great swimming by our athletes! Perfect Meets are when an athlete achieves all best times and no DQs. Big Time Drops are when an athlete drops 10+ seconds off of their previous best time.

YMCA Finalist

Perfect Meet: Ethan Auer, Jakob Duquaine, Bryn Hansen, Katie Hintz, Mackenzie Maass, Tyler VanGompel

Big Time Drops: Addie Benner (200 free), Jade Biese (100 breast), Ian Bruce (200 IM), Katie Hintz (100 fly), Margo Maddaloni (200 IM), Tesha Schlaak (100 fly and 200 IM), Haylee Stobb (200 IM), Sadie Wendell (500 free), Isaac Zarda (100 IM)


WAVE Splash Fest

Big Time Drops: Addie Benner (200 IM), Annika Bodway (200 free and 200 fly), Ian Bruce (200 free), Gabby Dilley (200 free), Jakob Duquaine (100 IM and 200 IM), Avery Eisenschink (100 breast), Alaina Hagany (100 free), Katie Hintz (500 free), Hayden Hollenbeck (100 IM), Alexandra Inglis (500 free), Sydney Josephson (100 fly), Mackenzie Maass (200 free and 100 free), Claire Paffel (50 fly) , Grace Sauer (100 free), Madison Sikes (100 free), Tyler VanGompel (4000 IM), Sadie Wendell (200 free), Ryker Zarda (200 free)


GBY Title Town Freeze

Perfect Meet: Kacie Stamm, Tyler VanGompel

Big Time Drops: Ethan Auer (100 breast), Zoey Baum (200 IM), Annika Bodway (200 IM), Avery Eisenschink ( 200 free), Katie Hintz (200 breast, 500 free and 200 IM), Kate Keehan (100 IM), Margo Maddaloni ( 200 back), Cole Mursau (200 IM and 200 back), Reid Paffel (50 free) Leah Rettler (100 IM), Kacie Stamm (100 IM), Claire Therkildsen (100 IM), Kate Vanderloop (500 free and 200 IM), Brooklyn VanGompel (200 IM), Ryker Zarda (500 free, 100 IM)


OSHY Swim Series #12 in Fond Du Lac

Perfect Meet: Addie Benner, Elna Burt, Leah Rettler

Big Time Drops: Gideon Benner (100 breast), Katie Hintz (200 free), Margo Maddaloni (500 free), Meleyna Wilker (100 free)


Walter Schroeder A+

Perfect meet: Claire Paffel


OSHY Winter Open

Perfect Meet: Daphne Scullion, Brooklyn VanGompel, Madison Witz,

Big Time Drops: Ethan Auer (100 free), Annika Bodway (500 free), Colleen DeBruin (200 IM), Gabby Dilley (100 IM), Hayden Hollenbeck (200 IM), Mackenzie Maass (100 IM), Margo Maddaloni (400 IM), Claire Paffel (100 IM), Tanner Trustem (100 breast and 50 fly), Tyler VanGompel (1000 free), Sadie Wendell (1000 free), Madison Wilcox (200 IM, 100 fly)


Green Bay “Luv 2 swim”

Perfect Meet: Bella Biese, Adia Munn

Big Time Drops: Zoey Baum (200 free), Adia Munn (200 free), Simon Menet (100 IM), Reid Paffel (50 free), Andrew Podojil (100 breast), Tesha Schlaak (200 free and 200 IM), Kacie Stamm (100 fly), Kate Vanderloop (200 breast)  


Below you will find the list of our current USA and YMCA State Qualifiers. We have also noted several of the potential relay swimmers for our team at the upcoming 12u State Swim Meet. If you are on any part of the list below please use the Event Signup for the State Meets to indicate if you are available or not to participate in the meets. There is a quick turnaround on Monday to have our team’s entry completed and having your indication of yes or no helps us out greatly! Thanks!

12u State Meet (Feb 28-Mar1)

Abram Hansen: Saturday 50 Br

Hayden Hollenbeck: Saturday 50 Br, 50 Bk

Tyler VanGompel: Friday 50 Free, 200 Br, 200 IM; Saturday 200 Free, 50 Br, 100 Fly, 50 Bk, 100 IM 1000 Fr; Sunday 100 Br, 100 Fr, 50 Bk, 200 Fr

Kacie Stamm: Sunday 50 Fly

Potential Relay Swimmers: All Relay decisions are coaches discretion and are made using a variety of factors. Unless coaches are informed that you are not available, we will sign your athlete up for the meet if they are chosen as a relay participant. Relay names listed below are not guaranteed to be on our relays. Athletes not listed below are still eligible to be selected for relays.

Abram Hansen, Simon Menet, Emerson Middendorp, Phinneas Modder, Daniel Wu, Isaac Zarda; Gideon Benner, Ethan Bruce, Jake Duquaine, Hayden Hollenbeck, Jonah Menet, Tanner Trustem, Tyler VanGompel, Ryker Zarda.


YMCA State Meet (March 20-22)

Abram Hansen: Saturday 50 Br

Hayden Hollenbeck: Sunday 50 Br

Tyler VanGompel: Friday 100 IM, 500 Fr; Saturday 100 Free, 200 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Br; Sunday 50 Br, 100 Fly, 200 IM, 50 Fr

Cole Mursau: Saturday 100 Fly; Sunday 200 Fly

Lauren Barnes: Saturday 25 Bk

Sydney Josephson: Saturday 25 Br, 50 Fly, 100 IM; Sunday 50 Br, 25 Fly

Claire Paffel: Saturday 25 Br, 100 IM; Sunday 25 Free, 50 Bk, 25 Fly

Daphne Scullion: Saturday 25 Bk; Sunday 50 Bk, 25 Fly

Mia Lerner: Saturday 50 Br; Sunday 100 Br, 50 Free, 200 Free

Brooklyn Van Gompel: Sunday 200 Free

Potential Relay Swimmers will be listed as we get closer.