Lawrence Pool and Team 4 Update

John Thiel

Thank you to everyone for understanding the last minute changes to yesterday's practice schedule. I've been in contact with Lawrence University and have the following updates about the pool as well as some additions to the Safety Plan for the LU Location. 

All Team 1, 2, and 3 practices and safety plan information will stay the same. 

Team 4 will not have pracitce again tonight Tuesday, September 22. We will start practices for Team 4 on Wednesday, September 23 as they are listed on the practice schedule. Thank you for being flexible with this as LU worked to make sure the facility would be safe for us to use.  


Lawrence University Location Safety Plan Updates:

Equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys and fins will not be available to use. Make sure to bring your own equipment to LU.

Water fountains will be covered, make sure to bring your own water to practices at LU.

Athletes will only be allowed to enter the building between 6:20-6:40p, anyone arriving later than this will not be allowed in the building at LU. 

FCYST will provide 1 volunteer greeter to assist with maintaining a safe entry for athletes at LU. (Please look for further information about how you may be able to assist with this new requirement). 

The volunteer greeter and any coaches will provide photo ID for themselves on entry, and will assist with confirming athletes in attendance at practices at LU. 

When entering and exiting the building, all parties will go directly to the pool or directly outside. There will be no waiting on the pool deck or in the entryway after practices at LU.


Thank you again to everyone! The schedule for Weeks 3&4 will be out later this week as I am still working through updates and changes. Thanks for your understanding and flexibility these first few weeks!