News and Notes 10/26

John Thiel

News and Notes

It has been a little while since I’ve used the traditional News and Notes platform to get you information about the goings on with our team. You should begin to see these updates a little more frequently. You can always find updates in the Events section of our team website by looking at the upcoming weeks as well as in the News section of our team website.

Thank you to everyone for working through these first several weeks together. Remember to be on the lookout for the upcoming availability signups. If you have questions about how these work Alicia Lutgen, our team registrar is a great resource. The best way to treat the Signups is to show everything that you could do and make a note for the preference. We aren’t able to guarantee your time or location but will do what we can to get you set with as many practices as possible.

As always, thank you to everyone who is keeping me updated with schedule changes. This opens the door for many of our swimmers to attend a few extra practices. This past week we were able to get 6 waitlisted kids into practices because people notified me of absences early. Thanks for helping out your teammates! We were able to get even more into open spots on request.

Below you will find some great information about a few upcoming and exciting possibilities for our season:



Assigned Open Swims: These were mentioned with this week’s posted schedule. These are great opportunities for swimmers to get some extra individualized attention or to get space to swim on their own if we were unable to get them into as many group practices as you wanted. All you need to do is email me and request a day Monday-Thursday for the 3-4p time and we can get you set up with a lane. We have this pool space to use for now, but if we aren’t getting kids to attend we may not be able to keep this option going. Anyone interested in attending Today, Monday, Oct. 26 there are still plenty of open lanes!  

Equipment: Just a quick reminder again that all our swimmers should bring a few pieces of equipment with them to the pool. Along with their goggles and suit all swimmers should bring a pair of swim fins (Tritan Swim Fins are the ones we have at the Y and are the recommended choice). The Y does have a few pair to use while you work on getting your athlete their own pair and we do often have families looking to rehome fins their swimmers have outgrown. The best place to get fins is the Elsmore swim shop. Our team has a link on our website all the way at the bottom. You can also find a discount coupon here.  Recommended equipment: Water Bottle, Cap, Kickboard. Athletes in Team 3-4 should also have a pull buoy and hand paddles.

Swim Meets: Our team is looking at attending meets this season. I have been in many conversations with our Y as well as other programs about getting competitive opportunities for our swimmers. Be on the lookout for what those options will be and when they will take place.

Halloween Celebrations: There may or may not be some fun happening at our Practices on Thursday Friday and Saturday that celebrates this spooky splashy holiday. Whenever those last few practices of the week are happening for your practice groups be ready for a little extra fun!



One final thought here as we get started with our week. The Covid numbers across our community are on the rise. We have been doing well with our distancing and mask policies at practices. Please keep reminding your kids to wear their masks until they get in the water and get them back on as soon as they get out. Also, please keep up with reminders to stay 6 feet apart from people outside your family unit whenever possible.

Following these policies is important for all our swimmers, parents and coaches as we do our best to keep everyone on our team happy, healthy and able to participate in team activities.