Frequently Asked Questions


How old must a swimmer be to join the team?
Swimmers range in age from five to high school seniors.

Do I have to be a good swimmer to join the team?
If you can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke and know how to dive, you qualify for the team. (25 yards is one length down in most pools.)

Do I have to try out?
No! Everyone who can swim the minimum (25 yards in free and back) is welcome to join! Swimmers may try the team for 2 weeks for free prior to making the commitment to join. Swimmers are placed in practice groups according to their ability, availability and goals. Please "Trial Form" tab for details

Do I need to be a Y member to join the team?
Yes, you do need to be a Y member. However, the 2 week trial does not require Y membership.

How often do I need to attend practices?
Practices are never required; however, all of the training groups have a recommended number of practices listed in the registration information. The recommendation for beginning team members is 2 times per week.  The more advanced swimmers are expected to practice more often. The more you practice the stronger you become and the easier it is to retain the information you are learning.

Are meets held every weekend?
No, and it is up to you to choose how many meets you enter based on your schedule. Remember that attending a meet is a natural progression for swimmers who attend team practices.

Is there a lot of travel involved?
Most of our meets are in the Green Bay, Appleton and Oshkosh. More seasoned swimmers may travel to Milwaukee, Madison and beyond.

Where are practices held?
Practices are held at the Neenah-Menasha YMCA, the Appleton YMCA and Lawrence University Pool for both Winter & Summer season with sufficient interest.  In the Summer practices for more advanced swimmers are held at the outdoor 50m Erb Pool in Appleton.

May I join anytime?
No.  For the Fall/ winter season, you can start the trial anywhere between the first two weeks of the season.  For the summer season, you can start the trial within the first two weeks of the season.

I'm interested in trying-out the team. How do I proceed?
Contact Coach John  for more information [email protected]

Where can I find out about practice times?
Once registered with the team, the practice schedules and pool locations are found in the dropdown menu under Practices.  Be sure to check the list of No Practice Days, due to swim meets, holidays, coaching clinics etc.   Prior to registereing with the team, call our Swim Team office at 920-954-9627

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