Practice Group Structures

Every year we implement a few changes to the existing training groups. Below you will find a synopsis of each group and guidelines for which athletes should be practicing in each section. These group structures are a recommendation for where each athlete will be able to receive optimal training for their age, ability, and level of commitment.  Any athlete who has questions about which group they have been assigned to should contact Coach John before completing their registration and set up a meeting to discuss any potential changes.

When registering your athlete for this upcoming season there are a few things we want you to be aware of: Practice length and pool location may change rapidly based on response to weekly commitments and any response to Covid situations. 


Group Descriptions  

Link to Season Introduction Letter with Group Descriptions Included


Structure Changes and Move Ups

There are four main practice groups on our team this season. Each of these groups includes a progression of either age, ability and or commitment. In order to be considered for a move up, athletes must demonstrate the ability to use the skills required for the practice group they hope to move into.    


The Next Move Up Opportunity

Our team uses three move up opportunities throughout the year in order to allow athletes a continued progression if they outgrow their current group. One of these opportunities is right now between Summer and winter season, the next opportunity will happen at some point between Thanksgiving and the end of winter break. Athletes who hope to move into the next group should let their coaches know they are hoping to move up and use the next 3-4 months to demonstrate their readiness for the next group.