Swim Team Trial & Concussion Form

Concussion Information

The swim team trial is for swimmers wanting to determine whether or not they would like to join the team.   

This fall we will be running a two week trial period for new swimmers. Athletes looking to take part in this trial should contact Coach John for times available. 

We will still accept new athletes throughout the season once this trial period is over but will not continue running the trial option. Athletes should contact the Swim Team Office for more information.

***Please Contact the Swim Office with any additional questions and email trial forms prior to your 

attendance at your first practice to [email protected] Swim Team Phone # 954-7615 *****

Please read through the FAQ's under the Information tab.  

Please read the Concussion Information, found at the link above.

Print out, fill in and send in the Swim Team Trial & Concussion Form, found at the link above, prior to the first practice or bring them with you to your team trial. 

Once you have your time slot and location, arrive at the practice about 5-10 minutes early to introduce your swimmer to the coach on deck.