Membership FAQS


Please take a look at the below frequently asked questions as they will help to answer any basic questions and help to become familiar with some of our policies regarding membership.  If you have further questions about membership, please contact one of the coaches or a board member.


When can I join?  What are your seasons? 

The Fondy Swim Club (FSC) has open registration all year long!  While club swim is broken up into 2 seasons, the short-course and the long-course season,    FSC breaks those seasons into 4 sessions.  The Fall session runs from the middle of September through November;  the Winter session runs from the last week of November through mid-March; the Spring session runs during April and May; and Summer session runs June through mid-August and is held outside at Taylor Park Pool. 

Once you begin a session, you are responsible for all fees associated with that session.  No refunds will be given.  If you are unable to swim due to a medical situation a credit for a future session may be issued upon board review.

We invite participation at any time of the year!  Please direct all inquiries about trying out for the club to head coach, Kelly Wynns, through the “Contact Us” button.


What does “trying out” mean?  

To join the Fondy Swim Club your swimmer will need to schedule a time to meet with one of our coaches for them to determine your swimmer’s ability.  Your swimmer will be placed in the level that best fits their ability and age group. 


How many nights must my child practice? 

Attendance expectation is based on level of swimming ability.  Our Beginner and Bronze level swimmers are expected to show up to practice 2-3 times a week. Our Silver level swimmers should plan on attending 3-4 times per week.  Gold level swimmers should expect to be at practice 5 nights a week.  Swimmers who plan to swim at higher level competitions (state level meets and above) are expected to make better than 80% of scheduled practices.  This does not include excused absences (i.e. illness, involvement in other school activities with coach’s knowledge.)  


How do I register?  What are the fees? How do I pay?   

When you decide to join you will meet with another swim family that will help you to create an account for your family and they can answer any questions you may have.  Once your account is created you will be able to register online. 

Upon registration, you will be responsible for paying the annual USA Swimming registration fee (all swimmers must be registered); the per session, per family Administration fee (ask me how to get this waived!); either the full session or monthly payment for the session fee.

Each swim meet does have its own set of facility fees, entry fees, and even fees and will cost, on average, between $10 - $40 per meet, depending on the meet, the location, and how many events your swimmer competes in.  Each meet will have this information listed at the sign-up page.  

Beginning August 2021, all families must have a credit card on file.  While you are able to make payments by check or money order throughout all month, any balance remaining on your account on the first of each month will be charged to your card.  

For more information on what the session fees are for each please visit the Session Information page.


Are there required volunteer/work hours?  

Yes.  Our coaches are paid, professional coaches.  All other aspects of the functioning of the club is done through volunteers.  It takes a great deal of manpower to run our meets.  Without the revenue from our meets, our club dues would need to be greatly increased to cover all of the club’s expenses.  Your volunteer hours enable us to keep our session fees as low as possible.  Please click HERE for a more in-depth explanation of our Volunteer Policy.

The most basic explanation of the policy is that each family is required to work at the swim meets held during the session.  The number of shifts required is determined by the number of families signed up for the session and the number of days over which the meet is held.  Typically, a 1-day meet = 1 session; a 2-day meet =2 sessions; a 3-day meet = 3 sessions. 


Is there any required equipment?  

As with any sport or activity, swimming does require specific practice equipment as well as a team competition suit, goggles, and cap. 

All swimmers must wear a competition-style suit that is tight-fitting. Practice suits can be any color, meet suits must be black.

All team swimmers are required to purchase basic equipment, determined by their practice group, and bring their equipment to each practice.  All groups need to have a cap, goggles, fins, and kickboard. Silver needs to also have a pull bouy.  The Gold level swimmers also need a pull bouy,  snorkel and hand paddles.  It is highly recommended to have a mesh bag to carry all the equipment.

All competition suits and equipment can be purchased through Elsmore Swim Shop.  In addition to our annual store night held ever September, you can also shop online or find them in Brown Deer and Brookfield.  


Do you offer scholarships?  

FSC believes strongly that we should do everything possible to make money not be the reason for you to chose not joining the club.  We offer a multi-swimmer discount and provide reduced fees for those who receive federal assistance though Wisconsin Swimming Outreach Program.