What Are The First Steps We Need To Take?

Where do we begin?  If you are looking to join our year-round team the first thing to do is click the link to Contact Us.  You will be given an opportunity to message the head coach to give us some information on your swimmer (age, swim experience, prior clubs) and we will contact you to schedule a time to tryout.  After your swim trial you will be given information on the level of swim/pratice time for your swimmer and then you will be able to complete the online registration.

Fondy Swim Club is a year-round competitive swim program, not an organization that offers swim lessons   For swim lessons please contact the Fond du Lac Recreation Department  (https://fdlrecdept.recdesk.com) or contact the Fond du Lac Aquatic Center directly  at 920-929-3536 to find out what programs are being offered.