Never Stop Challenging Yourself

Kelly Wynns

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy even with "safer at home" being lifted.  Please be careful when going out.  We will continue o-ur Zoom meetings this week.  Same number 955-416-0055.  The password is FONDY in all capital letters.  I know last week many of you were having issues loggin in.  I'm not sure what the issue is/was but hopefully it is cleared up this week.  I do know that kids with Chromebooks that it did not work at all.  Please email me if you are having issues.  



Never Stop Challenging Yourself - It's the Best Way to Add Value and Strength.


There are two pieces of advice that I would give any young swimmer who wants to make an impact and be the best they can be.

1. Always try to surround yourself with people who are smarter and faster than you are. Each of us has the tendency to want to be the best, the smartest, and the leader of the lane.  It's natural.  But only when we step out of our comfort zone and truly challenge ourselves can we grow and develop.  A real-life story---when I was 12-13, I swam with a girl named Christy.  She was a girl that I idolized.  She was my same age, but she was a national qualifier, state champion, Region champion (back then, Regions were like Sectionals now) and had made the top 8 in finals at Nationals.  I wanted to be like her.  I decided that I was going to make her one of my good friends and training partner even though I was not nearly as fast as she was.  I knew that if I did the things that she did, I would improve.  And I did.  We became super close friends and pushed each other in practice.  Eventually, I was up with her, making National cuts and finals.  I don’t think I would have made the improvements that I did if I had not surrounded myself with people who were faster than me and also with people that had high goals of themselves.


2. When you find a sport or stroke in swimming that you love, force yourself to find new ways within the sport in which to excel.  Find a new way to challenge yourself each and every day, whether it is leading the lane or challenging yourself against another swimmer or even going above and beyond doing dryland at home.  Find what drives you to be the best that you can be. This is where you create the most value.  See where you can lead and make the most valuable contribution to the team.


I have been giving the kids challenges each week with something to do.  Sometimes it is exercise based, sometimes it is art based and we have also done positive quotes.  For the next 28 days, starting tomorrow, Monday, May 18th, I have a lunge challenge for the kids.  I belong to Get Healthy U TV and they have a 28 day Lunge-A-Palooza challenge.  I am attaching the calendar for the kids to keep track of what they should be doing.  I started this a week ago, but am going to restart so that I can be on the same day as the kids.  We will do this on the honor system, but parents, if you can also help keep track of what your swimmer is supposed to do that day, it would be wonderful.  Gold and Silver swimmers should do the Advanced portion, Bronze and Beginners do the Beginner portion.  Good luck to everyone on this challenge.  We will talk about it during our Zoom meetings. 

Have a great week everyone.  Stay safe, stay healthy.


Click HERE to get the Lunge-A-Palooza challenge calendar