The Month of June

Kelly Wynns

It has been 3 weeks since the Gold/Silver swimmers were able to get back in the water. Like many things these days, it has been time I will never forget.

I hope everyone in Gold/Silver joins me in being unbelievably thankful for having the opportunity to be in the pool these last 3 weeks. Beginner/Bronze will start their long-waited return to the Aquatic Center next week.  I am thankful that I live in a state that has allowed swimming pools to be open. I am thankful that our swimmers and families have embraced how and when we are swimming. And I am so very, very thankful for the Fond du Lac Rec Department and the FSC board, that  believed it was important to get our swimmers back swimming and worked diligently to provide us with the opportunity as soon as it was possible.

There has been more progress than I could have imagined was possible 30 days ago. For some it has been taking responsibility for their own workout. For some it has been attention span and focus. For some it has been technique perfecting. For some it has been learning to lead their lane since they are the only one in the lane unless there are siblings. For some it has been consistently coming to practice every day. For some it has been work intensity. Something exciting happens in every practice. I anticipate practice every day, wondering what great things are going to happen or who is going to come up with the craziest stories!!

We started the summer season in the middle of June.  After day 1, everyone knew the routine of coming into the pool and making their way to the deep end of the pool.  Most everyone practices distancing, but they are kids and they are excited to see each other.  Fortunately, I have been able to combine swimmers in each session that work well together.  It is exciting as a coach to see them embrace the challenge of swimming against each other and to focus on what we are doing.  During the second week of practice, we added 30 minutes of dryland.  Once they started doing dryland, it was very easy to tell who had worked out consistently during the “safer at home” period and those who did not.  By the 3rd week, I am seeing quite a bit of improvement in stamina and endurance just by adding the dryland into the mix.

I know July will be as special as June. The younger kids coming on board Monday thru Thursday will bring a whole new level of excitement.  With all that being said, we need to be extremely grateful. We cannot take anything for granted. A friend’s team was able to get back in the pool for one day before being shut down again. We must continue to appreciate our opportunities. We must continue to work at minimizing risk. With the news of Covid-19 on the rise in many states, please be very vigilant in staying safe and healthy.  I pray every evening that we will be protected from this virus and that we will be able to continue practicing.  We must not get complacent with either our individual or our collective health or in understanding how fortunate we have been.