The following guidelines are to inform parents and swimmers of the coaches’ policies regarding attendance. This policy has been developed over many years and is designed to provide the best possible practice environment for all. 

As a general rule, the least possible interruption in the training schedule will produce the greatest amount of success. The club does, however, encourage younger swimmers to participate in other activities in addition to swimming.  If your swimmer is involved in other activities that will interfere with their swim practice attendance, please let the coach know as it will change the way absences are counted toward your swimmer’s attendance requirement. 

The coaches’ expectations to attend practice increases as swimmers move to higher groups or achieve state- level/championship status. Any swimmer that achieves a state-level or national-level qualification standard must maintain an 80% attendance requirement in order to participate in any meet higher than the regional meet level.  This includes A+ meets, the state meets, zones, and any other high level away meet.

Attendance minimum expectations are as follows:

Beginner 2-3 days per week;

Bronze 3-4 days per week;

Silver 4-5 days per week;

Gold 5 days per week. 

The 80% attendance requirement reflects these expectations. 


August 2021