Fondy Swim Club Code of Conduct Policy -- Beginner/Bronze/Silver Level

I. Need for a Policy

The Fondy Swim Club has a behavior policy for all members of the Club.  It tells us about the rules and the standards of behavior. It also tells us about what happens when behaviors do not meet what is expected. These policies apply to all Beginner, Bronze, and Silver level swimmers.

II.  Statement of Policy

A. The purpose of Fondy Swim Club is to teach children the sport of swimming and good sportsmanship.

B. In order to run the Fondy Swim Club, we need to have rules and enforce them. Everyone needs to be a positive role model and give the best possible impression of themselves and the Fondy Swim Club.

C. It is important that swimmers follow this Code when they are enjoying all of the activities of the Swim Club, including practices, meets (home or away), banquets and outings.

III. Rules and Expectations

A. Cooperate with coaches and follow instructions.

B. Be on time and prepared for practice, meets, team meetings and scheduled activities.

C. Be respectful to all teammates, coaches, chaperones and parents.

D. Keep safety first around the pool and locker rooms. No running or pushing on the deck or in the locker rooms.

E.  No cell phone use in the locker rooms or bathrooms.

F. No Horseplay in the locker rooms including screaming, yelling, throwing water, spitting, putting shampoo on the floors for sliding, snapping of towels, etc.

G. Be responsible for attending practice and maintaining good attendance. Notify the coach ahead of time as necessary.

H. At meets be at the blocks to swim your events, and show your team spirit as you cheer on your teammates.

I. At meets you should be dressed in team apparel including team shirt and cap.

J. Be responsible for your belongings and have your equipment ready at practice.

K. Use good language at all times at appropriate volumes.

L. Treat the equipment with care.


IV. Discipline

Your coach will decide which of the following penalties will be applied:

A. The coach will tell you to stop the behavior.

B. The coach may tell you to get out of the pool and sit on the side.

C. Your parents may be called.

D. A warning letter may be sent to your parents.

E. You may be sent home from a practice or a meet.

F. You may be suspended.

Should the bad behavior be very serious, then the Gold Level Swimmer Policy may be applied and the consequences that are spelled out in that Policy will apply.