Fondy Swim Club Code of Conduct Policy for Parents

I. Need for a Policy

This policy helps to guide our organization and ensure the continued success of the Fondy Swim Club (FSC), addressing the Club’s expectations for parent behavior.

II. Statement of Policy

It is the purpose of Fondy Swim Club to promote the sport of swimming and in the process help to develop the character of individual swimmers.  For the orderly operation of the Fondy Swim Club, certain rules, regulations and procedures for enforcing same must be established. Personal conduct shall not bring discredit to any individual swimmer, parents or guardians, coaches, or the Fondy Swim Club.

This Code of Conduct shall apply to all behavior occurring during or at an activity or function that is associated with the Fondy Swim Club.

III. Policy

A.  Encouraged and expected behaviors:

1. Parents shall exhibit good sportsmanship by conducting themselves in a manner that earns the respect of all swimmers, parents, officials and coaches.

2. Open and respectful communication between parents, swimmers and coaches that emphasizes goal-setting to meet the performance expectations of both the swimmer and the parents.

3. Involvement and commitment in supporting all team activities including organizing and running meets, fundraising, swimmer social events and banquets.

4. Positive reinforcement of all swimmers.

5. Maintaining self-control and understanding that the role of a parent is to parent, (i.e. not coach and not officiate unless that is your position at a meet.)

B.  The following behaviors will not be tolerated:

1. Abusive and/or disrespectful language and actions towards coaches, swimmers, parents or officials.

2. Interference with or disruption of coaches on the deck.

3. Interference with the coach’s coaching of swimmers.

IV. Sanctions

Should behavior bring discredit or discord to the Fondy Swim Club or USA Swimming, the involved parent voluntarily subjects themselves to disciplinary action by the Board of Directors or designated subcommittee of the Board. The Fondy Swim Club maintains the right to terminate any membership in the interest of our Club’s vision, mission and objectives.