Fondy Swim Club COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Updated August 15, 2021 

* Please note that the following guidelines will be modified as needed through the direction of Wisconsin Health Department and the governor's office.

Guidelines & Protocols for Safe Swim Practice

All members of the Fondy Swim Club are asked to follow these  guidelines and protocols for safe swim practice at all pool locations. 

Pre-Practice Guidelines/Protocols

-  No athletes should come to practice if they are feeling any of the COVID-19 symptoms, if anyone in their household is experiencing symptoms, or if anyone in the household has knowingly come into contact with someone who has symptoms or who has tested positive.

- No athlete should come to practice if they have been asked to quarentine due to exposure elsewhere.

- Athletes must conduct a self-screening before coming to practice.  If the athlete answers "YES" to any of questions, we ask that you do not attend practice and contact your health care provider. 

  • Do you have a fever or feel feverish?
  • Do you have chills?
  • Do you have a new cough?
  • Do you have new shortness of breath?
  • Do you have a sore throat?
  • Do you have any body aches?
  • DO you have a headache?
  • Are you experiencing a new loss of taste or smell?

Practice Guidelines

We ask at this time that as few people as necessary come into the facilities.  Please make sure that your swimmer enters and exits the building safely, but we are discouraging swimmers from gathering for extended periods in the lobby area.  Please do not drop your swimmer off more than 10 minutes prior to practice time and be there to pick your swimmer up at the time practice is scheduled to end.  We are still discouraging socializing before and after practice.  

We will have limited access to the locker rooms.  Please have your swimmer come to practice in their suit and with weather appropriate cover up clothing (sweat suits are appropriate, a wrap-around towel is not!  This is Wisconsin and winter is coming!)  Showering after practice is prohibited.

Athletes must bring their own, pre-filled water bottles.  There are no water fountains available to us at the Aquatic Center.