1. Coaches are on the pool deck during practice and are not in other locations of the Fond du Lac Aquatic Center, YMCA or Taylor Park. There is no supervision of swimmers in the lobby area or the park area prior to or after practice.   For the swimmers’ protection, they should arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their workout time.  Please be waiting for your swimmer when their practice time is over.  
  2. Swimmers should be waiting quietly on deck, ready to swim five minutes prior to the start of their practice. In the case of a swimmer being late to practice, it is our hope that the swimmer will apologize for being late and then give an explanation regarding the reason for tardiness.
  3. Swimmers need to plan to stay the entire practice. The last part of practice is sometimes the most important. If your swimmer needs to be dismissed early from practice, please let the coach know before practice starts so that practice is not interrupted.
  4. Occasionally there may be a conflict with a scheduled practice and an away meet.  When this occurs, you will be notified if there is a change to the practice time or a cancellation.
  5. During practice, the swimmers are the responsibility of the coaching staff, therefore swimmers are never to leave the pool area without their coaches’ permission.
  6. The club has an obligation to act as guests in all practice locations, both swimmers and parents. Even during practice time, the Aquatic Center and YMCA are open to paying members of the public.  Every member of the club needs to do everything possible to respect the privilege of being allowed to practice at these facilities. This includes: how swimmers behave in the locker rooms; swimmers placing their items in the lockers (not leaving them on the counters, benches, and floors); eating and drinking only in the lobby area; no running or horseplay in the lobby or balcony area by swimmers or siblings, etc.
  7. Parents are not allowed on the pool deck during practice unless it is an emergency.
  8. Parents can observe practice from the balcony at the Aquatic Center. Please be considerate and keep conversations at a low volume level. Please remember that food and colored drinks are not allowed in the balcony. 
  9. As Fondy Swim Club falls under the purview of the Fond du Lac Recreation, if weather closes any school or after school activities there will also be no practice.  Practice may also be cancelled at the discretion of the coach if weather would affect pick up time or, during the summer months, during thunderstorms. If practice is cancelled due to weather, a message will be sent to the team via email and SMS.  Please keep your information up to date!
    1. SUMMER SESSION – while practice can go on if it is raining, once it rains hard enough to affect the visibility of the bottom of the pool, practice will be stopped. All swimmers will need to exit the pool and immediately seek shelter in the locker rooms at Taylor Park.
    2. SUMMER SESSION – In the case of lightening, practice must be stopped immediately and cannot resume until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.  All swimmers will need to exit the pool and immediately seek shelter in the locker rooms at Taylor Park.  They must remain in the locker rooms until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike.  If you must pick your swimmer up during a storm, you will need to exit your car, come to the locker rooms, and let the coach know you are taking the swimmer into your care.  They will not be allowed to leave the locker rooms to go find you.