On April 26, the USA Swimming Board of Directors reviewed and revised national policy regarding our athlete protection measures.  All USA Swimming Clubs and staff are subject to these policies for the protection of our athletes.  Fondy Swim Club welcomes and supports these policies, as we are committed to a safe environment for our athletes to participate.  No form of abuse is ever tolerated in our sport.  FSC staff and other non-athlete members annually receive training/certifications for Athlete Protection and SafeSport.

The US Center for SafeSport is the governing authority for all SafeSport policies (and enforcement) for all sports within the Olympic and Para-Olympic movements.  The Center oversees all national governing bodies, including USA Swimming, for compliance with SafeSport policies and best practices.

This year, The Center implemented additional procedures to further safeguard our athletes.  One of the new procedures requires that all members who are 18/Older who have interaction with minor athletes (this includes athletes, all (both) parents, coaches, officials and other Applicable Adults) must affirm/sign their agreement to MAAPP, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.

Full compliance is required by The Center and USA Swimming by Sunday, June 23.  The process is straightforward – go to our MAAPP Policy page, carefully read the documents and click on “Register Online”.  Once inside the registration portal, sign up (like for a banquet, picnic or other non-swim event) and affirm the policy.  Parents will need to register as a “New Member”, note that is not to join the team.  The online system requires an electronic process to affirm the documents, so the term “New Member” really means “New Signature” – the website does not retain your birthdate or other info, it will merely retain your signature.

Click here to access our Event Page for all parents, coaches and 18/Older athletes who are required to register/sign

Thank you for your support of SafeSport!

Kelly Wynns, Head Coach

Amy Wesenberg, Board President