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Online registration is done using the Current Events tab above.  Registration for returning members will open at 8 pm on Tuesday, March 1st.  More details specific to the upcoming session is also available within Current Events.


Arrowhead Pool: Summer Novice Schedule

Hartford Pool: Summer Novice Schedule

Swim Sessions:

Subject to change based on pool availability.

Spring & Fall

In the spring and fall we offer 2-3 sessions. Pre-Competitive Swim Classes, have seven 55-minute classes over 3-4 weeks. There is no formal competition during these sessions. The Ribbons session is 6 weeks in length with swimmers still meeting 2-3 times each week for 55 minutes. During the Ribbons session we begin to introduce competitive swimming to our novice swimmers. Each member will compete in 2 of 3 dual meets and the conference championship meet while participating in our Phoenix Conference Program. These meets are fast-paced, fun and exciting for both participants and parents. Swimmers will compete against classmates of similar speed and ability and develop sportsmanship and teamwork during each meet. Imagine these meets as an opportunity for the swimmers to demonstrate their newly learned skills and to have a lot of fun!

The Pre-Competitive Swim Classes are offered during March, September and October.
The Ribbons sessions are offered during mid-April – May and November – mid-December.

Winter & Summer

In the winter and summer we offer 1 session each.  (An additional class may be added if space is available)
Our novice class during these times is limited to up to 24 participants and sometimes limited to the upper levels of the program. Swimmers who were members of the previous season’s novice sessions will receive registration information for these classes first, but we will arrange individual evaluations for interested swimmers as long as space is still available. Class will meet 2 times each week for 55 minutes for 6 weeks.
Competition opportunities will be available to participants if interested.
The Winter Novice Class will meet during January – mid-February 
The Summer Novice Class will meet during June – mid-July.

What to expect:

Swimmers advancing thru our novice programs will learn all 4 competitive strokes (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly) as well as the starting, turning and finishing action for each. Swimmers will learn basic pool safety rules, play fun and exciting games and have a lot of fun, too!

Our novice program is divided into 6 levels, each level practicing 3-5 skills:

Level 1 Skills (purple)

  Front streamline

  Flutter kick on side

  Flutter kick with a kickboard

  Flutter kick on back in streamline

  Sitting bobs

Level 2 Skills (green)

  Flutter kick on side with breath


  Back start

Level 3 Skills (yellow)

  Freestyle with rhythmic breathing

  Butterfly kick with kickboard

  Fall-away push-off


Level 4 Skills (white)

  Butterfly kick with breath

  Breaststroke kick with breath

  Freestyle flip turn (taught)

  Kneeling dive

Level 5 Skills (red)



  Freestyle flip turn (tested)

  Standing dive

  Backstroke flip turn (taught)

Level 6 Skills (blue)

  Individual Medley

  Distance swimming freestyle

  Fall-away turns

  Forward start

*Parents are always welcome to observe classes from the bleachers.*

Progress Charts:

As skills are passed, progress charts will be updated and posted at the pool.  Please feel free to speak to coaches about what skills are needed to pass and what the expectations are.  Once a swimmer passes all the required skills in his/her level, he/she can begin practicing with the next level during the next class. Swimmers will also receive a ribbon as they pass each level.

About the coaches:

Our high-school aged novice instructors are trained by our professional coaching staff and are current members of our Senior Program. They represent some of the most experienced members of our team. Level 1, 2 and 3 coaches will be in the water at all times. All practices will be supervised by a United States Swimming certified coach and a lifeguard


Annual Team Membership Fee (September 1 – August 31)

NONE! (Once you move up, into the Age Group Program, you will need to pay the annual membership fee.)

Program Fees

Pre-Competitive Swim Class (PCSC) = $90

Ribbon Swim Team = $180 (This includes participation in 3 competitions.)

Winter/Summer Novice Class = TBD



Any style bathing suit is acceptable for the novice program. Swim caps are not required, but are available to purchase in our team office. Goggles are strongly encouraged and are also for sale in our team office. Members of the Ribbons session will receive a conference team cap at their first competition.

We look forward to you joining our team. Please call (262-367-7657) or email Novice Program Director, Whitney Witt ([email protected]) if you have any questions.