To:                   Suburban League Swim Coaches

From:             David Chaplin, Suburban Championship Meet Site Director

CC:                   Len Morcone, Milford Community Program Director

Date:               October, 2018

RE:                   Winter Suburban League Championship Swim Meet


We are looking forward to hosting the 2019 Suburban A and B Championships at Milford High School again this coming March. Following last year’s event we had a meeting with Lenny Morcone, myself, Ann, Karen, and Arnie. Last week we followed up with a second pre-season meeting to finalize this year’s event.  Together we have redeveloped procedures and policies designed to control spectator attendance in an organized fashion, maintain an orderly safe bullpen, and transition to the competition pool.  

Team Check In:

  • Upon arrival for your session, coaches, swimmers, and supervising adults are to enter the school through the Cafeteria / Auditorium entrance.
  • Please take time to locate and situate your team in their designated area in the cafeteria.  

Balcony Ticketing: 

  • The occupancy of the balcony for this event remains at 490 spectators. 
  • Only ticketed adults will be admitted into the viewing area.  This year the league will be assigning team ticket allocations for each program proportionate to the number of athletes entered.           Each team must identify a specific Parent Ticket Coordinator along with their entry, and that parent may pick up their team’s ticket allotment in the pool lobby.
  • The balcony will open 45 minutes before the scheduled meet start time. There will be uniformed staff at the lobby entrance to the viewing area, and ticket takers at the door.
  • Patrons will remit their ticket at the door and pick it up when they leave, returning it to their Parent Ticket Coordinator. Particularly during the A Meet, teams need to closely monitor their ticket rotation. All 14 teams are in the building and seating is limited to 490 at all times.     
  • No personal chairs are allowed in the viewing area, no standing room viewing in the balcony, and no one should be in the aisles.
  • No food in the balcony.
  • No laptops in the balcony.

Cafeteria Bull Pen:

  • All swimmers awaiting their events will be waiting in the Cafeteria. Team volunteer will bring the swimmer to the bull pen for their event. There will be a white board and sound system to assist them.
  • League volunteer staff will monitor all of athletes to and from the bull pen to the pool doors.
  • Swimmers are to keep all cafeteria exit doors clear to allow easy access in case of an emergency.
  • Individual folding chairs for swimmers will not be allowed as they become an egress barrier in the case of emergency, per order of Milford Police, Fire and School Departments. Adult bull pen volunteers may each have one chair for personal use in their team area for the meet duration.

Spectator Waiting Area:

  • Cafeteria tables will be available for the convenience of patrons outside the cafeteria and gym/pool lobby.
  • Internet access will be available through the Milford High School Network.
  • The gym will be closed at all times, as will be the hallway above the gym adjacent to the pool balcony    

General Points of Reference:

  1. No personal fold up chairs will be allowed anywhere in the facility.  This includes the pool deck, balcony, cafeteria, or gymnasium.
  2. Coaches may use the available deck chairs and benches provided. Please do not bring your own.
  3. No team banners
  4. Please cooperate with MHS Uniformed Event Staff.