Fee Summary - October 3, 2022 through February 26, 2023

**USA REGISTRATION CARD - EVERY Swimmer must register with USA Swimming - The Annual USA Registration fee for the 2022/2023 swim season is $75 per member. This card is valid through 12/31/2023.   All swimmers in the Bronze, Silver or Gold Groups must have a valid USA Card. You will be directed to USA Swimming to register for and pay for the athlete's USA Registration or an email will be sent to you to complete this if you are not promted during registration. 


Group Hours Per Month Monthly Fees Dues Paid in Full
Bronze 12 $50 $225
Silver 24 $65 $300
Gold 40 $80 $375

Coaches will place swimmers into a Group.

New Swimmers are eligible for a FREE 2 week trial period (NOTE: All paperwork must be completed.)

Monthly dues and entry fees are due by the 10th of each month.

Families with multiple swimmers:  The first swimmer (in the highest group) will be at full price.  Additional swimmers will receive a 5% discount. To receive the multiple swimmer discount, all swimmers must be on the same payment plan.  (I.e., all monthly or all pay in full). 

For example, if you have a swimmer in the Gold Group and a swimmer in the Silver  Group, monthly dues will be $80 for the Gold Group swimmer and $61.75 ($65 -$3.25 less 5% discount) for the swimmer in the Silver Group.

If you want to pay in full for both swimmers, then the Gold Group swimmer's dues will be $375 and the second swimmer in the Silver Group will be $285.00.  We cannot discount the USA Registration Fee.