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Welcome to the Southwest Aquatic Team's Swim America Program!

We Teach Kids to Swim for Health, Safety, Fitness & Fun

Our swim lessons are geared toward both beginner and more experienced swimmers.  Even competitive swimmers routinely use our upper level stations for stroke refinement.  Our program is unique to other swim lesson programs in that we are:

*  Goal Driven?

We have a well-defined set of advancement goals for each of the ten stations.  This way we are able to breakdown the learn-to-swim progression into phases.

*  Confidence Building?

Swimmers are able to ?graduate? to the next level at any point during the session, which creates a sense of accomplishment as they move from station to station.  Typically, children move up two to three levels in ONE session!

*  Technique Oriented?

We are very concerned with teaching proper stroke mechanics.  Proper technique is often overlooked in beginners much to the detriment of the swimmer.  Correcting errors is a much more difficult process later in the developmental progression.  Our coaches emphasize correct technique from the first lesson.

*  Individualized Instruction?

Unlike conventional swim lessons, Swim America averages 4-6 swimmers per coach.  This gives the swimmer individualized instruction that allows the child to progress at his or her own pace throughout the session.

* Experienced Coaches?

Our swim lessons are conducted by a highly trained group of elite competitive swimmers who, not only are professional lifeguards, but are also certified by the American Swimming Coaches Association.  Their experience and commitment to the sport of swimming gives our swim lessons a distinct advantage over conventional lesson programs.

Our 30-minute lesson includes approximately 26-28 minutes of instruction, followed by 2-4 minutes of supervised free time



Wilson Park (20th and Howard, Milwaukee)

Online Registration (see below) is the fastest way to guarentee your spot - you will be able to view space availabilty as you register. Online registration is also the only way to pay by credit card. We are not able to accept credit card at the the onsite locations. Check or Cash only.

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For Questions: 
Dale Schrank, Swim America Director: Email: [email protected]; Phone: 262-971-1658


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Our swim lessons are geared toward both beginner and more experienced swimmers.

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