Coaches are Professionals

Michael Mellock
Jan 5, 2021

As parents we want the best for our children. Without question.

Coaches have dedicated their lives to teaching. Let them do their job. Parents should not assist unless properly certified.

Article 502.6.4 of the USA Swimming rulebook states that “Anyone who coaches swimmers at a USA Swimming practice or competition must be a coach member of USA Swimming and must have satisfactorily completed safety training, criminal background checks andother coaches’ education as required by USA Swimming.”

The above article was previously passed by the USA Swimming House of Delegates to clarify that coaching by any person who is not a registered coach member, including USA Swimming athlete members, is not permitted.

An athlete member can demonstrate strokes to age group swimmers, the athlete being in the water and the coach on deck; however, no athlete can provide instruction or do any coaching without being a USA Swimming registered coach member. Remember, a coach member of USA Swimming must be at least 18 years of age.

There is now an exception for individuals who are not doing any coaching in the water but who are only providing dry land training activities. In those instances, if the person and theclub for whom the individual is providing services want the benefit of USA Swimming’sinsurance coverage, then he or she must register as a non-athlete member of USASwimming, complete USA Swimming’s background screening and Athlete ProtectionTraining.

Thank you

Mike Mellock - Chairman of The Board