Swim America is a nationally-recognized learn to swim program. Unlike your traditional Red Cross or recreation department lessons, swimmers have the ability to "level up" at any point during the lessons. We have seen some swimmers move up 3-4 levels during one two-week session!
How do I register for lessons?
Registration is available online or via mail-in registration forms
What pools do you operate out of?
Throughout the spring and summer, we operate out of several area high schools including Greenfield, Muskego, Whitnall, and Franklin. In the summertime, we offer lessons outdoors at Wilson Park on 20th and Howard in Milwaukee.
How many levels do you offer?
We have 10 stations with specific advancement goals. After passing level 6 kids are eligible to have a tryout for the SWAT swim team which will take place during scheduled lesson time. See the “Advancement Goals” tab for info on what each level consists of
What type of swimming background do the instructors have?
Our swim lessons are conducted by a highly trained group of elite competitive swimmers who, not only are professional lifeguards, but are also certified by the
American Swimming Coaches Association. Their experience and commitment to the sport of swimming give our swim lessons a distinct advantage over conventional lesson programs.
Can I stay to watch my child swim?
Whether or not families can stay to watch their child/children swim will depend on the school policy we are operating out of. This will vary from school to school. Families will be notified of the policy at each school, though nearly all schools are now allowing spectators.
How long do lessons last?
Our lessons run Monday-Friday for 2 consecutive weeks. Each 30-minute lesson consists of 26-28 minutes of instruction followed by 2-4 minutes of supervised free time.
Do I have to provide my own equipment?
Swimsuits and goggles are necessary to participate in lessons. For kids with long hair, we recommend swim caps. Suits, goggles, and caps will be available for purchase on-site at a discounted price based upon availability. Kickboards/fins that are needed for training will be provided.
What are your COVID-19 protocols?
SWAT Swim America will follow the guidelines of the particular school we are operating lessons out of. This may vary from school to school.
What kind of discounts do you offer for families with multiple children signing up for lessons?
The first 2 swimmers in a family to sign up are charged the regular registration fee. Any additional swimmer beyond two will receive a 50% discount.
My child loves swimming and is interested in the swim team. What next?
Towards the end of each session, swimmers in levels 7 and higher will be offered a tryout for the SWAT swim team. This will take place onsite during scheduled lesson time and more information will be available at that time.
Do you offer free trials?
Yes, we offer one free 30-minute lesson for families who are hesitant about signing up. We have limited availability for free trials, so please contact  [email protected] to schedule.
Who can I contact if I have more questions?
Feel free to contact Program Director, Jackson Zgola - [email protected]